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Universidad University Established Place Type Note
Centro Universitario de la Defensa Marin -- Escuela naval militar 2009 Marín, Pontevedra Public
Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo, UIMP--Sede Galicia 1982 A Coruña Public
Universidade da Coruña University of A Coruña 1989 A Coruña Public Campus in A Coruña and Ferrol
Universidade de Santiago de Compostela University of Santiago de Compostela 1495 Santiago de Compostela Public
Universidade de Santiago de Compostela--Campus Lugo University of Santiago de Compostela 1995 Lugo Public
Universidade de Vigo University of Vigo 1990 Vigo Public Campuses
Universidade de Vigo -- Campus Ourense 1990 Ourense Public
Universidade de Vigo -- Campus Pontevedra 1990 Pontevedra Public
Centro de Estudios Superiores Universitarios de Galicia (CESUGA) 1995 A Coruña Private Affiliated Center: University College Dublin
Centro Superior de Hostelería de Galicia, CSHG Hotel Management School of Galicia 1995 Santiago de Compostela Private Affiliated Center: Universidad de Santiago de Compostela
Escola Universitaria CEU de Maxisterio 1958 Vigo Private Affiliated Center: Universidad de Vigo
Escola Universitaria de Enfermaría, A Coruña 1972 A Coruña Private Affiliated Center: Universidad de A Coruña
Escola Universitaria de Enfermaría, Lugo 1972 Lugo Private Affiliated Center: Universidade de Santiago de Compostela
Escola Universitaria de Enfermaría, Ourense 1989 Ourense Private Affiliated Center: Universidade de Vigo
Escola Universitaria de Enfermaría, Meixoeiro-Vigo 1977 Vigoe Private Affiliated Center: Universidade de Vigo
Escola Universitaria de Enfermaría, Pontevedra 1978 Vigo Private Affiliated Center: Universidade de Vigo
Escola Universitaria de Relacións Laborais - Campus de Lugo 1995 A Coruña Private Affiliated Center: Universidade de Santiago de Compostela
Escola Universitaria de Traballo Social 1957 A Coruña Private Affiliated Center: Universidad de Santiago de Compostela
Escuela Universitaria de enfermería, Povisa 1991 A Coruña Private Affiliated Center: Universidade de Vigo
Fundación Escuela Universitaria de Relaciones Laborales, A Coruña 1973 A Coruña Private Affiliated Center: Universidad de A Coruña
Universidad Intercontinental de la Empresa, UIE 2022 A Coruña Private  

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Galician Studies
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An Introduction to Galician Studies: A Basic Bibliography

  • Galician Studies in the United States by Gabriel Rei-Doval. Informes del Observatorio de la lengua española y las culturas hispánicas en los Estados Unidos. Cervantes Institute at FAS - Harvard University. 21-05,2016. ISSN 2373–874X (online)

  • Rerouting Galician Studies: Multidisciplinary Interventions. Benita Sampedro Vizcaya, José A. Losada Montero, editors. Cham, Switzerland : Palgrave MacMillan, 2017. 470 pages. ISBN: 9783319657295. OCLC:1010541316
    "This book--aimed at both the general reader and the specialist--offers a transatlantic, transnational, and multidisciplinary cartography of the rapidly expanding intellectual field of Galician Studies. In the twenty-one essays that comprise the volume, leading scholars based in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand engage with this field from the perspectives of queer theory, Atlantic and diasporic thought, political ecology, hydropoetics, theories of space, trauma and memory studies, exile, national/postnational approaches, linguistic ideologies, ethnographic poetry and photography, Galician language in the US academic curriculum, the politics of children's books, film and visual studies, the interrelation of painting and literature, and material culture. Structured around five organizational categories (Frames, Routes, Readings, Teachings, and Visualities), and adopting a pluricentric view of Galicia as an analytical subject of study, the book brings cutting-edge debates in Galician Studies to a broad international readership."--Page 4 of cover
    • Part 1 Frames : Rerouting Galician studies: intellectual cartographies of the USA / José A. Losada Montero -- Putting queerness on the map: notes for a queer Galician studies / Danny M. Barreto -- Blue Atlantic: Gilroy and Galicia / Álex Alonso Nogueira -- Cultures of nature in mid-twentieth-century Galicia / Daniel Ares-López -- Ri´os, fontes, peiraos, and oceános: hydropoetics and the Galician cultural imagination / Kirsty Hooper.
    • Part 2 Routes : The production of Galician space: ethnographic interventions / Sharon R. Roseman -- From the island of trauma to Fantasy Island: the renovation of San Simo´n / John Patrick Thompson -- Xoa´n González-Milla´n and the present uses of the past: notes from a study on exile / Pablo García Marti´nez -- Places/non-places: Galicia on the "Road of St. James" / Eugenia Afinoguénova -- Peripheral systems, doctrinal enforcement, and the future of Salician studies / Thomas S. Harrington.
    • Part 3 Readings : The master signifier of Galician culture: Manuel Fraga and undemocratic, affective populism / Joseba Gabilondo -- Castelao: nationalism, federalism, and the postcolonial / Ana Carballal -- Stage and history in O incerto sen~or don Hamlet / Juan Caaman~o -- The perceived presence/absence of the Gailician accent on Galician TV newscasts / Obdulia Castro.
    • Part 4 Teachings : Teaching Galicia in Appalachia: lessons from anthropology, ethnographic poetry, documentary photography, and political theory / Heidi Kelley and Kenneth A. Betsalel -- Galician studies, language, and linguistics in US academic curricula / Viola G. Miglio -- O monstro das palabras: reframing Rosali´a de Castro's role for future generations / Eugenia R. Romero.
    • Part 5 Visualities : Trace and defamiliarization in contemporary documentary (Víctor Erice and Eloy Enciso Cachafeiro) / Cristina Moreiras-Menor -- Galician animation in the global age: imagining the nation from the Glocal Forest / José Colmeiro -- Moving beyond the frame: literature, madness, and Vincent van Gogh in Manuel Rivas's Os comedores de patacas / María Elena Solin~o -- Sargadelos and the aesthetic formation of Galician identity / Ekaterina Volkova. Index.
  • Contemporary Galician cultural studies : between the local and the global. edited by Kirsty Hooper and Manuel Puga Moruxa.. New York : Modern Language Association of America,, 2011. xii, 344 pages. ISBN: 9781603290876. OCLC:678924001
    • Introduction: Galician geographies / Kirsty Hooper and Manuel Puga Moruxa
    • Part 1: Histories. Interpreting Galician History: The Recent Construction of an Unknown Past / Lourenzo Ferna´ndez Prieto -- National Literature and the Literary Field / Antón Figueroa -- Cultural History and Resistance: The Articulation of Modern Galician Literature / María do Cebreiro Rábade Villar -- Toward a Postnational History of Galician Literature: Rereading Rosalía de Castro's Narrative as Atlantic Modernism / Joseba Gabilondo
    • Part 2: Identities. The Other Galicia: Construction of National Identity through Absence / Eugenia R. Romero -- Galician-Spanish-British? Migrant Identification Practices, Transnationalism, and Invisibility in Guildford, England / Jaine Beswick -- Portuguese or Spanish Orthography for the Galizan Language? An Analysis of the Conflito Normativo / John Patrick Thompson -- Camping Up the Nation: Anton Lopo's Ganga and the Queering of Iberia / Timothy McGovern
    • Part 3: Cultural practices. Whose Heritage Is It, Anyway? Cultural Planning and Practice in Contemporary Galicia / María Reimóndez -- Imagining Galician Cinema: Utopian Visions? / Jose´ Colmeiro -- Utopian Identity in Galician Television Programming: Nostalgia as Ideology in the Series Made by Televisión de Galicia / Marta Pérez Pereiro -- The Postmodern Avant-Gardes in Post-1975 Galician Literature: Rompente, Antón Reixa, and Suso de Toro / Burghard Baltrusch -- Modes of Representation in Galician Visual Poetry / Laura López Fernández -- Remapping Galician Narrative for the Twenty-First Century / Kirsty Hooper -- Poetry and Performance: The Renewal of the Public Sphere in Present-Day Galicia / Silvia Bermúdez.
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