SALALM Newsletter

The SALALM Newsletter ceased in June 2011. Regular features which were previously found in the Newsletter may now be found on our website.
The SALALM Newsletter was published six times a year (in June, August, October, December, February, April). Its regular features included the President's Message; SALALM Conference Reports; Committee News; Members' News (personal news, address/e-mail/phone changes, professional travel/speaking, honors, etc.); Members' Publications; New Members; Institutional News, includes new collections, grants, cooperative agreements, recognitions, renovations, etc.; Book Trade News; Library Statistics/Price Indexes; Announcements, catch-all for brief news of interest for Latin Americanists, non-member institutional news, etc.; Serials News, announcements of new serial titles/ceased titles in the field; Conferences and Meetings; Conferences Past; Professional Reading; Book Reviews; Obituaries; Miscelanea cultural; and Prizes and Awards. Members and non-members submitted news or articles in any of the official languages of SALALM.
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