Latin American Information Series

Edited by Melissa Gasparotto, Rutgers University

Previous Editors: Mark Grover, Laura Shedenhelm
The SALALM Latin American Information Series is designed to make available bibliographies or other relevant bibliographic works on topics of current interest related to Latin America or topics being studied in Latin American area studies courses. Quality is important, but timeliness is equally important.

  • Number 1  North American Free Trade Agreement: Selected Annotated References, 1989-1992 [compiled by] Robert Howe
  • Number 2  Academic Publishing in Mexico [by] Carl Deal
  • Number 3  Current Latin American Environmental Journals: A Selective Bibliography 1993 SALALM Subcommittee for Serials, Scott Van Jacob, compiler
  • Number 4  Academic Publishing in Ecuador [by] Carl Deal
  • Number 5  Academic Publishing in Chile [by] Carl Deal

Electronic versions of Latin American Information Series titles published since 1999:

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