Special Publications

Calimano, Ivan E. Index to Spanish Language Short Stories in Anthologies. 1994.
Oliver, Eileen C. Afro-Brazilian Religions: A Selective, Annotated Bibliography 1900-1997. 1998. 
Stern, Peter A. Sendero Luminoso: An Annotated Bibliography of the Shining Path Guerrilla Movement, 1980-1993. 1995. 
Latin American Information Series. Distributed without charge to institutional members. No. 1-5 are available from the Secretariat. Subsequent issues (No. 6-) are available online.
Microfilming Projects Newsletter. Vol. 1, no. 1-, 1964-, Index: 1-20. Issued annually as a working paper of the Seminar.
SALALM Newsletter (ceased). Vol. 1, no. 1-, Jan. 1973 - Vol. 38, no. 6 Jun. 2011. Back files are available.