Special Publications

Calimano, Ivan E. Index to Spanish Language Short Stories in Anthologies. 1994. $52.95.
Oliver, Eileen C. Afro-Brazilian Religions: A Selective, Annotated Bibliography 1900-1997. 1998. $44.95.
Stern, Peter A. Sendero Luminoso: An Annotated Bibliography of the Shining Path Guerrilla Movement, 1980-1993. 1995. $56.95.
Latin American Information Series. Distributed without charge to institutional members. No. 1-5 are available from the Secretariat. Subsequent issues (No. 6-) are available online.
Microfilming Projects Newsletter. Vol. 1, no. 1-, 1964-, Index: 1-20. Issued annually as a working paper of the Seminar.
SALALM Newsletter (ceased). Vol. 1, no. 1-, Jan. 1973 - Vol. 38, no. 6 Jun. 2011. Back files are available.
Ordering Information
Copies of SALALM publications may be ordered through the SALALM Secreteriat. To order, please specify author and title of the publication you want. Also include your name, telephone number, and address with all correspondence. Payments may be made with VISA or MasterCard (include number and expiration date) or by check in U.S. dollars payable against a U.S. bank.