Papers of the Annual Meeting

Papers of the Annual Meeting of the Seminar on the Acquisition of Latin American Library Materials
No. 60. Brazil in the World, the World in Brazil: Research Trends and Library Resources/Brasil no mundo, o mundo no Brasil: Tendências de pesquisa e recursos informacionais. 2017. 
No. 59. Who Are We Really?: Latin American Family, Local and Micro-Regional Histories, and Their Impact on Understanding Ourselves. 2016.
No. 58. Indigenism, Pan-Indigenism and Cosmovision: The Confluence of Indigenous Thought in the Americas. 2015. 
No. 57. Popular Culture: Arts and Social Change in Latin America. 2013. 
N.56. Preserving Memory: Documenting and Archiving Latin American Human Rights. 2013. 
N 55. The Future of Latin American Library Collections and Research:  Contributing and Adapting to New Trend in Research Libraries. 2012. 
N. 54 . Migrations and Connections:  Latina America and Europe in the Modern World2012.  
No 53. Encounter, Engagement And Exchange:  How Native Populations Of The Americas Transformed The World. 2011. 
No 52.  Borders:  Obsession, Obstacle, Open Door?  2011. 
No. 51.  Crossing Borders, Latin American Migrations:  Collections and Services for/from New Library Users. 2009. 
No. 50. Latin American Studies Research and Bibliography:  Past, Present, and Future.  2007. 
No. 49. Women in Latin American Studies: Reshaping the Boundaries. 2007. 
No. 48. Celebraring Culture: Space, Symbols, and Tradition in Latin America and the Caribbean. Celebrando la cultura: espacios, símbolos, y tradiciones de América Latina y del Caribe. 2006. 
No. 47. Trends and Traditions in Latin American and Caribbean History. 2005 
No. 46. Latin American Identities: Race, Ethnicity, Gender, and Sexuality. 2005 
No. 45. Andean Studies: New Trends and Library Resources. 2005. 
No. 44. Documenting Movements, Identity, and Popular Culture in Latin America. 2000. 
No. 43. Caribbean Studies:  Bibliographic Access and Resources for Past, Present, and Future. 2002.
No. 42. Religion and Latin America in the Twenty-First Century: Libraries Reacting to Social Change. 1999. 
No. 41. SALALM in the Age of Multimedia: Technological Challenge and Social Change. 1998. 
No. 40. Societies under Constraint: Economic and Social Pressures in Latin America. 1997. 
No. 39. Modernity and Tradition: The New Latin American and Caribbean Literature. 1996. 
No. 38. Technology, the Environment, and Social Change. 1995. 
No. 37. SALALM and the Area Studies Community. 1994. 
No. 36. Latin American Studies in the Twenty-First Century: New Focus, New Formats, New Challenges. 1993. 
No. 35. Continuity and Change in Brazil and the Southern Cone: Research Trends and Library Collections for the year 2000. 1992. 
No. 34. Artistic Representation of Latin American Diversity: Sources and Collections. 1993. 
No. 33. Frontiers, Borders, and Hinterlands. 1990. 
No. 32. Caribbean Collections: Recession Strategies for Libraries. 1989. 
No. 31. Intellectual Migrations: The Transcultural Contributions of European and Latin American Emigrés. 1988. 
No. 30. Latin American Masses and Minorities: Their Images and Realities. 2 vols. 1987. 
No. 29. Collection Development: Cooperation at the National and Local Levels. 1987. 
No. 28. The Central American Connection: Library Resources and Access. 1985. 
No. 27. Public Policy Issues and Latin American Library Resources. 1984. 
No. 26. Latin American Economic Issues: Information Needs and Sources. 1984. 
No. 25. Library Resources on Latin America: New Perspectives for the 1980s. 1981. 
No. 24. Windward, Leeward, and Main: Caribbean Studies and Library Resources. 1980. 
No. 22. The Multifaceted Role of the Latin American Subject Specialist. 1979. 
Nos. 20-21. OUT OF PRINT
(Note:Vol. 3 of No. 19 contains the papers of the post-conference, the First Symposium on Spanish-Language Materials for Children and Young Adults, April, 1974.) Contact the Secreteriat for additional details.
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