SALALM Structure & Committees

For detailed information about SALALM's structure, committees, and bylaws, please refer to the SALALM--Operational Handbook (pdf) and the Bylaws.
For committee personnel, see the Committee Roster 2020-2021 (pdf) (Word).

Executive Board 2021-2022

President Anne Barnhart, University of West Georgia
Vice-President/President-Elect  Christine Hernández, Tulane University
Past President Antonio Sotomayor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Executive Director Hortensia Calvo, Tulane University
Rapporteurs General Craig Schroer, University of West Georgia & Nelson Santana, Bronx Community College
Treasurer Peter T. Johnson, SALALM
Parliamentarian TBD
Archivist Ryan Lynch, University of Texas at Austin
2020-2023 Lisa Gardinier, University of Iowa; Christine Hernandez, Tulane University (2020-2022); Martin Tsang, University of Miami (2022-2023)
2021-2024 Pamela Espinosa de los Monteros, Ohio State University; Matt Hill, Brigham Young University
2022-2024 Talía Guzmán-González, San Francisco State University; Manuel Ostos, Pennsylvania State University

Executive Board Committees

Bylaws Matthew Hill (2019-2022)
Communications Michael Scott (2022-2024)
   Webmaster Michael Scott
   Website Content Editor Betsaida Reyes
   Social Media Coordinator Talia Guzmán-González
Editorial Board Orchid Mazurkiewicz (at pleasure of Executive Board)
Finance Alma Ortega (2022-2025)
José Toribio Medina Award Panel Manuel Ostos (2022-2025)
Membership Matthew Hill (2022-2025)
   SALALM Scholarship Subcommittee Amanda Moreno (2020-2023) & D. Ryan Lynch (2022-2024), Co-Chairs
   APOYO Subcommittee Luis Javier Félix Aocsta (2021-2024)
Nominations Luis González ( 2022-2023)
Outreach/Enlace Teresa Chapa (2022-2023) & Betsaida Reyes (2022-2023)
Policy, Research, & Investigation Karen Eccles (2021-2024)

Substantive Committees/Subcommittees & Chairs

Acquisitions Ryan Lynch (2021-2024)
   Library/Bookdealer/Publisher Relations Paloma Celis-Carvajal, Alejandro Herrera, Elena Rodrígo Maganto (2021-2024)
   Serials TBA
   Marginalized Peoples & Ideas Liladhar Pendse (2020-2023)
Access & Bibliography Martin Tsang (2022-2025)
   Cuban Bibliography TBA
   Digital Primary Resources TBA
   SIS (SALALM Iberian Studies) Taylor Leigh (2022-2023)
   Special Collections & Archives José Adrán Barragán-Álvarez (2020-2023)
Library Operations & Services Committee Jill Baron (2021-2024)
   Cataloging & Bibliographic Technology Jessie Christensen (2021-2024)
   Research & Instruction Services Alyson Williams (2020-2023) & Ana Ramírez Luhrs (2022-2025)
   Audio-Visual Media Gayle Williams (2020-2023)
Interlibrary Cooperation Committee Manuel Ostos (2020-2023)

Affinity Groups

Regional Groups
CALAFIA (California Cooperative Latin American Collection Development Group)
LANE (Latin American North East Libraries Consortium)
LASER (Latin American Studies Southeast Region)
MOLLAS (Midwest Organizations of Libraries of Latin American Studies)
Topical/Working Groups
ALZAR (Academic Latina/o Zone of Activism & Research)
DiScoLA  (Digital Scholarship in Latin America)
HAPI  (Hispanic American Periodicals Index)
LAIPA  (Latin American & Indigenous Peoples of the Americas
Subject Authority Cooperative Program Funnel)
LAMP  (Latin American Materials Project)
LARRP  (Latin American Research Resources Project)