Dan C. Hazen Fellowship Awardee: 2017

On behalf of the review group, we are pleased...

On behalf of the review group, we are pleased to announce that Gayle Ann Williams, Latin American & Caribbean Information Services Librarian at Florida International University, has been selected to receive a Dan C. Hazen Fellowship in the research track category. The award of $1500 will support Gayle's travel to the University of California-Riverside's Tomás Rivera Library to examine materials held in Special Collections & University Archives in order to complete her project, Latin American Screenplays in Print: An Annotated Bibliography.

In Gayle's words, “This bibliography seeks to represent an overlooked resource with regard to Latin American cinema studies, the screenplay . . . The wealth of bibliographies on Latin American cinema do not routinely include them nor have they been consistently reported in the few general bibliographies on screenplays in existence.” The work will include entries for about 400 titles with indices for geographic origin, type of film, unfilmed titles, directors and authors, and will include many unpublished scripts. The final manuscript should be completed in summer 2017 and will be submitted for publication consideration to the SALALM Editorial Board.

Congratulations, Gayle!