Dear all,

 Tulane libraries will be closed today, March 16, after 5:00 pm Central time, initially until March 22, but perhaps longer than that.  Carol Avila, our Program Coordinator, is set up to work from home.  She and I will continue to attend to Secretariat business as usual (or as seamlessly as possible) until the libraries resume normal operations and we return to our offices. 

All postal mail, including mail sent to the Secretariat, will be held at Tulane’s central mail  office until the building reopens.

Until then, please continue to write to us at for any Secretariat business; no phone calls.  And remember that the Secretariat working hours are 8am to 1pm Central Time, Monday through Friday.

Stay safe everyone! Hortensia, SALALM’s Executive Director

Photo credit: Steve Snodgrass, Flickr