To manage and administer the SALALM Scholarship that strives to award Masters degree students in library and information science or archival studies who envision a career in Latin American, Caribbean or Iberian academic or research institutions. The SALALM Scholarship Subcommittee reports to the Membership Committee.
Current Membership

Isabel Espinal
Talía Guzmán-González
Kathia Ibacache
Amanda Moreno
D. Ryan Lynch
Nelson Santana
Rachel Stein


  • Solicits applications for the SALALM Scholarship.
  • Manages the application process.
  • Notifies all applicants of subcommittee’s final selection.
  • Develops and updates public and private webpages related this scholarship.
  • Evaluates the significance of the SALALM Scholarship on awardees’ career.

For additional information about this committee, please contact: Amanda Moreno (2020-2022) and D. Ryan Lynch (2022-2024), Co-Chairs