You must be a SALALM member to have a SALALM account.
If after reading these instructions you have trouble setting up your SALALM account, please contact Melissa Gasparotto or Daisy Domínguez.


How to access your SALALM account:

2 Ways to Log In:
From the top navigation bar:


From the bottom footer bar:


Enter the login and password you were sent via email. Note: Please change your password immediately when you first login.


How to see what’s going on without logging in

Click on the Community link in the top grey toolbar.

  • Activity: Gives you an overview of recent changes to the site
  • Members: Lets you search for members and see their profile pages
  • Groups: Lets you see what groups exist and what they’re up to

How to post to SALALM Speaks & Posting Guidelines

  1. Log onto the SALALM website.
  2. On the top navigation menu, click on Dashboard >> New Post. An editable post will open.
  3. Add a title, your post, click on the Category “SALALM Speaks” and add tags, including your name. Please see note on tagging below.
  4. To save or publish your post, go to the right hand navigation menu and click on “Save Draft” or “Publish.”
  5. If you want to add an image: above the post, there is a line that looks like this: Upload/Insert Add an ImageAdd VideoAdd AudioAdd Media. Click on the first icon and follow the prompts to insert an image in your post.

Images: If possible, please add an image to your blog post as the latest post always shows up on the main SALALM website.

Tagging: Please try to adhere to the A-Z tag list on the bottom of the SALALM homepage page when assigning tags.

How to use PressThis for posting to SALALM Speaks:

If you would like to write a short post, please use the Press This bookmarklet (an app that runs in your browser and lets you grab bits of the web). To enable Press This, sign onto your SALALM account, go to Dashboard >> Manage Posts >> Tools >> Available Tools, then drag-and-drop the Press This button on the middle of the screen to your bookmarks bar or right click it and add it to your favorites for a posting shortcut. Whenever you want to share from another website, click on the Press This icon/shortcut you  created and an editable post box will open.

What should be posted on SALALM Speaks & what should be posted in “News”?

SALALM Speaks should be reserved for posts about individual experiences (such as book trips, visits to book fairs, my first SALALM, etc.) as well as things that relate to non-members (like a famous author attending a conference or the kind of things that are currently posted on the SALALM Facebook page).  The “News” section should be reserved for member or institutional news as well as news about resources. If you have a “News” item, please send it to the Content Editor at Please note that if you post something that should be in the “News” section in  “SALALM Speaks” instead, the Content Editor will move it to the “News” section.

How to create Group Pages:

If  you would like to create a group page, log in to your account and click “Community,” then “Groups” from the top navigation bar.  Then click “Create Group.” You may choose to make your group pages public, private or hidden:
Public groups

  • Any site member can join this group.
  • This group will be listed in the groups directory and in search results.
  • Group content and activity will be visible to any site member.

Private groups

  • Only users who request membership and are accepted can join the group.
  • This group will be listed in the groups directory and in search results.
  • Group content and activity will only be visible to members of the group.

Hidden groups

  • Only users who are invited can join the group.
  • This group will not be listed in the groups directory or search results.
  • Group content and activity will only be visible to members of the group.


This feature will roll out later this year.


This feature will roll out later this year.


How to follow changes to the main SALALM homepage:

Follow changes to the homepage, including  News, SALALM Speaks posts, dospuntocero, etc.
There are several ways to keep up with changes on the front page of SALALM. Updates exist by e-mail, RSS or Twitter. Watch the tutorial here and choose whichever fits with your work flow best!

How to Follow Changes to SALALM Member Pages (friendship requests, etc.)

You are automatically subscribed to receive e-mail updates when you receive friend requests etc. To change these settings:

Log on to your account. From the top navigation bar, go to My Account >> Settings >> Notifications. You can change your e-mail preferences there.


How to Follow Changes to Group Activity

To receive news about updates in groups you join, click on RSS in the group page.You can then subscribe in a normal feed reader.
If you don’t use RSS, try a program like Feed My Inbox which will send the RSS feed as an email.

How to send private messages to fellow SALALMistas

  1. You have to be “friends” with someone before you can send them a message.
  1. To make friends, click on Community in the top grey navigation bar and click on members. Search for the name and click “Add Friend”.
  • To send a message, click on My Account on the top grey navigation bar. Select Messages and then Compose. Start typing in the person’s name.