SALALM LXV (2020), which will be hosted by the University of California at Davis with conference proceedings at UC Davis and in Sacramento. The conference will now take place between FRIDAY JUNE 5 and MONDAY JUNE 8, 2020. Day 1 of the conference is June 5, so you should plan to arrive on Thursday, June 4; June 8 is the last day of meetings.

Buen Provecho: Celebrating and Exploring the Richness of Latin American, Caribbean and Latinx Food and Drink. The official press release and call for papers will be sent out next month with plenty of further information on the conference topic and the conference itself.

SALALM LXV, convened on the campus of the University of California Davis and The Embassy Suites by Hilton Sacramento Riverfront Promenade in nearby Sacramento, proposes to explore any and all aspects of the production, distribution, consumption, and description of foods and beverages (especially alcoholic beverages) cultivated and created in Latin America or in other countries/regions with the involvement of LatinX workers and distributors. Food and beverages help shape identities and hold important cultural meaning for individuals and groups of people, including (but not limited to) friends and families, regional and national communities, and (im)migrants. The production, distribution, sale, and consumption of food and beverages reveal varied socioeconomic systems and are usually influenced and regulated by government administrators at various levels. Vast differences exist in access to food in general, and particularly to healthy and nourishing food, as well as to quality fermented foods and beverages (such as cheese).

Photo credit: Thomas Kriese