Wednesday May 23rd 2018

Mentorship Program Information

Mentorship Program Liaison: Manuel Ostos

Requirements for mentors:

1. Mentors must commit to confidentiality for sensitive professional queries.  For example, preparing for a job interview or responding to a job offer are strictly confidential, while others will be along scholarly or professional lines.

2. Mentors should respond in a timely way to queries.

3.  Explaining the work of SALALM is vital, and should attendance at the annual conference be feasible, making sure that the individual is introduced to others, including the Libreros, is highly important.

4. Overall, mentors are masters of the substance involved with Latin America, Caribbean and/or Iberian area studies in a research or academic library or archival repository.

5. Mentors make a two-year commitment, but because the relationship depends on so many variables, an estimate of the overall time requirement is not feasible.

6. Mentors may normally accept one or two individuals, and more if time permits.

Download the Full Program Description Here.

Volunteer to Be a Mentor Here.


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