Friday May 25th 2018

SALALM Mentorship Program: List of Available Mentors

New SALALM members, as well as any member in good standing, are eligible to request a mentoring relationship from any individual on the Mentor List. Or, upon request, the Membership Committee’s Mentor Liaison for the mentorship program will recommend from the mentors list potential matches.

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Currently Available SALALM Mentors

S Lief Adleson

  • Books From Mexico
  • CEO of Books From Mexico
  • Specialized book dealer in Mexico serving academic libraries worldwide. Among other things, I administer cooperative acquisitions programs among/between research libraries through approval plan relationship.
  • 35
  • 1982
  • I am pursuing two topics with special interest: 1) digitalization of academic publications in Mexico, and 2) adapting to the changing environment for LAS in academic and research libraries.

Roberto C. Delgadillo

  • University of California, Davis
  • Humanities, Social Sciences and Government Information Services Librarian
  • Disability Studies, Latina/o Studies, Ethnic Studies, Chicano Studies, Collection Development, Military History, Comics and Graphic Novels, and Information Seeking Behaviour
  • 10
  • 2002

Adan Griego

  • Stanford University
  • Curator for Latin American, Mexican American & Iberian Collections
  • Collection Development, Instruction.
  • 24
  • 24
  • Only active in facebook, NO other social network

Peter Johnson

  • princeton univ.
  • bibliographer for latin america, spain & portugal [retired]
  • special collections: manuscripts, ephemeral publications; field trips; student advising on research projects
  • 33 yrs
  • 1970
  • Also salalm treasurer

Nerea Llamas

  • University of Michigan
  • Head, International Studies; Librarian for Latin American & Iberian Studies
  • Latin American & Iberian collections broadly speaking
    Selection, negotiation and acquisition of electronic resources
    Interest in succession planning for International and Area Studies librarians
    Developing interest in collection analysis
  • 15
  • 1998
  • SALALM President 2010-2011

Martha Mantilla

  • University of Pittsburgh
  • Librarian, Latin American Studies and Eduardo Lozano Collection
  • Latin American, Iberian, Bolivian, Indigenous Studies and Research.
  • 15 approx.
  • 2003

Phiip S MacLeod

  • Emory
  • Bibliographer for Latin American & Caribbean Studies, Spanish & Portuguese
  • Latin America, the Caribbean and Iberia in general.  Collection development–acquisitions trips.  Transition from academia to Librarianship. Manuscripts & archives.  Work with graduate students. Special interest in Central America & colonial history.
  • 16
  • 9
  • I hold an interdisciplinary PhD in Latin American Studies.

Suzanne M. Schadl

  • University of New Mexico
  • Assistant Professor/Coordinator Inter American Studies &
    Curator, Hispanic & Latin American Collections
    University Libraries, UNM Albuquerque
    Zimmerman Library, 294
  • Latin American studies
    Humanities and Popular Arts (specifically graphic works)
    Brazil (specifically 19th century history & literature)
    Archiving & discovery of digitally born materials
    Library as third space learning environment
  • 12
  • 2008

Lynn Shirey

  • Harvard University
  • Librarian for Latin America, Spain & Portugal
    Widener Library
  • collection focus on humanities and social sciences; I personally am interested in film and literature
  • 20


Rafael Emilio Tarrago

  • University of Minnesota
  • Librarian for Iberian, Ibero-American & Chicano/Latino Studies
  • Cuban Bibliography; Colonial Peruvian Bibliography (specifically the kurakas and the indigenous gentry in the Kingdoms of Peru and Alto Peru); open access and digital Latin American primary resources collections.
  • 29
  • 1987