To improve relations among libraries, bookdealers, and publishers in order to obtain better cooperation and understanding among them. To disseminate information on libraries’ requirements and current problems confronted by publishers and bookdealers. To maintain awareness among librarians about complex political and economic pressures and regulations imposed by various Latin American and Caribbean governments which affect book exports.

1. Fosters communication among librarians, publishers and bookdealers.
2. Discusses issues of common interest in relation to service and the complexity of the financial situation.
3. Maintains currency of pertinent information about changes in acquisition trends and policies, financial constraints affecting operations, and export regulations.
4. Collects, analyzes, and reports statistics on the costs of Latin American and Caribbean library materials to SALALM and elsewhere as appropriate.
5. Plans and executes conference programs.
For additional information contact Sócrates Silva or Jessie Christensen, Co-Chairs (2018-2021).