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Series Title
Africans in the New World, 1493-1834 from the John Carter Brown Library at Brown University 35 DUKE
30 Emory
Archivo biografico de España, Portugal e Iberoamerica 1,144 fiche UNC-CH/DUKE
1,105 fiche Vanderbilt
Biblioteca histórica mexicana de obras inéditas REEL 205 DUKE
Brazil’s Popular Groups: A Microfilm Collection of Materials Issued by Socio-Political, Religious, Labor and Minority Grass-Roots Organizations, 1987-1989 Acquired and organized by the Library of Congress Field Office, Rio de Janeiro 43 Vanderbilt
Brazil’s Popular Groups, 1966-1986. Supplement 2, 1990-1992 70 DUKE
Brazil’s Popular Groups, 1966-1986. 70 Emory
Brazil’s Popular Groups. Blacks. 1966- 8 UNC-CH
Brazil’s Popular Groups. Children. 1966- 12 UNC-CH
Brazil’s Popular Groups. Ecology. 1966- 18 UNC-CH
Brazil’s Popular Groups. Ethnic Groups (Other). 1966- 3 UNC-CH
Brazil’s Popular Groups. Homosexual and Bisexual. 1966- 4 UNC-CH
Brazil’s Popular Groups. Human and Minority Groups. 1966- 13 UNC-CH
Brazil’s Popular Groups. Political Parties and Issues. 1966- 32 UNC-CH
Brazil’s Popular Groups. Women. 1966- 18 UNC-CH
Brazil’s Popular Groups, 1966-1986 28 [i.e. 32] Vanderbilt
28 [i.e. 32] FIU
Callender I. Fayssoux Collection of William Walker Papers, 1856-1860 Latin American Library, Tulane University / Norman Ross Publishing, 1998. 4 Vanderbilt
Colonial-Hispanic legal documents (18th-19th centuries) Library of Congress. Law Library 13 Emory
Colonial Latin American Manuscripts and Transcripts in the Obadiah Rich Collection New York Public Library / Research Publications, c. 1985 33 FIU
33 UNC
33 Emory
The Cuban connection [microfilm]: a potpurri of revolutionary ephemera, 1957-1978 / Yale University Library. 4 DUKE
Documenting the Peruvian Insurrection 19 UNC-CH
[East Florida Papers] Calendar of the East Florida Papers, 1784-1821 11 Vanderbilt
Ephraim George Squier Papers, 1835-1872 Latin American Library, Tulane University / Norman Ross Publishing, 1998. 4 Vanderbilt
George Hubbard Pepper Papers, 1895-1918 Latin American Library, Tulane University / Norman Ross Publishing, 2000. 8 Vanderbilt
A Guide to Crises in Panama and the Dominican Republic: National Security Files and NSC Histories. Edited by Paul Kesaris 8 Emory
Handbook and incidents of foreign missions of the Presbyterian Church, U.S.A. Latin America DUKE
Human Rights Documents. 1982-1988 [Human Rights Internet? / 1983-] 1,626 fiche UNC-CH
Human Rights Documents. 1989-1990 [Human Rights Internet? / 1983-] 536 fiche UNC-CH
Human Rights Documents. 1991 [Human Rights Internet? / 1983-] 291 fiche UNC-CH
Human Rights Documents. 1992 194 fiche UNC-CH
Immigration: Special Studies, 1969-1982 12 FIU
Immigration: Special Studies, 1982-1985 4 FIU
Immigration: Special Studies, 1985-1988 12 FIU
Immigration: Special Studies, 1989-1998. Supplement 7 FIU
Indigenous Issues in Peru 2 Duke
The Iran- Contra affair: the making of a scandal, 1983-1988. National Security Archive Collection 864 fiche DUKE
Journal of the Voyage of the U.S.S. Nonsuch up the Orinoco, July 11óAugust 24, 1819. 1 Florida
Journals of the Assembly of Jamaica, 1663-1826 5 UPR
Latin America Special Studies, 1962-1997 72 UNC-CH
Latin American History and Culture: An Archival Record, Series I Pt. 1. The Andean collection pt.2 The Mexico collection pt. 3 The Spain collection / Primary Source Microfilm, c. 2000. 64 DUKE
Latin American History and Culture: An Archival Record, Series II. Cuban History and Literature Harvard College Library / Primary Source Microfilm, c. 2000. 96 Miami
96 FIU
Latin American Anarchist and Labour Periodicals (c.1880-1940) International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam / IDC Publishers Entire Collection (180 Reels?) Benson
Reels 1-3 (Bolivia, Peru, Puerto Rico); 60-68 (Brazil); 75 (Colombia, Cuba); 81-96 (Mexico) Duke
Reels 3-5 (Peru, Puerto Rico); 75-80 (Colombia, Cuba) Florida
31 reels UNC-CH
Latin American Travels (1964-[1980?]) Watertown, MA: General Microfilm Co. UPR
Medina’s Biblioteca hispano-americana (1970-?) Cambridge, Mass.: General Microfilm Company UPR
Methodist Episcopal Church Board correspondence, 1884-1915 Latin America reels 78-86 DUKE
Mexican and Central American political and social ephemera, 1980-1991 reels 221-230 DUKE
Missionary files 1912-1949 [microform] : United Methodist Church Archives Latin America reels 229-311 DUKE
Nicaragua: the making of U.S. olicy, 1978-1990. National Security Archive Collection 579 fiche DUKE
Partido dos Trabalhadores — Historical Archives 102 DUKE
Perú Era Political Pamphlets & Monographs [Bethesda, Md.]: CIS Academic Editions, [1988?] ca.1400 microfiches UPR
Presbyterian Board of Foreign Missions, 1833-1911. reels 61-87. Africa 189-191, 191A, 192-216. China 217/218. China, Africa 219. Africa 220, latin America, Iran 232.Japan China 233-256. China 296-298. Calendar. 8 DUKE
A relation of a voyage made in the years 1695, 1696, 1697, on the coasts of Africa, Streights of Magellan, Brasil, Cayenna, and the Antilles, by a squadron of French men of war, under the command of M. de Gennes 1 DUKE
Robert Jackson Alexander Collection, Twentieth Century Latin American pamphlets Part 1 [Southern Cone countries] 49 DUKE
Robert Jackson Alexander Papers, 1890 (1945) – 1999: The Interview Collection. (Reproduction of papers held by the Rutgers University Library) 15 UNC-CH
15 Emory
El Salvador: the making of U.S. policy, 1977-1984. 870 fiche DUKE
Slavery Tracts & Pamphlets from the West India Committee Collection London: World Microfilms Publications, [1982?] 28 UPR
28 Emory
Social Issues in Latin America — Gay and lesbian Issues in Latin America; HIV/AIDS in Latin America 7 DUKE
Three tracts on West-Indian agriculture, and subjects connected therewith 1 DUKE
The United States and Castro’s Cuba, 1950-1970: The Paterson Collection University of Connecticut. Thomas J. Dodd Research Center. Archives and Special Collections Dept. / Wilmington: Scholarly Resources, 1999 22 FIU
22 Florida
Women’s Movement in Cuba, 1898-1958: The Stoner Collection on Cuban Feminism Tempe: Arizona State University Libraries / Wilmington: Scholarly Resources, c. 1990 13 FIU
13 [Georgia]
13 UNC
13 Emory

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