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Union List of Newspapers

This list includes the LASER (Latin America South East Region) member libraries’ combined holdings of Latin American and Caribbean newspapers, listed alphabetically by country. A newspaper is listed only where a five-year run* of the title is held by any of the libraries, where the title is a current subscription, or where the newspaper has a web version. For more complete regional holdings of individual library collections, consult the newspaper holdings lists of the member libraries (see Holding Libraries) or the catalogs and web sites of the member libraries (see LASER Member Institutions). Also see the LANE Union List of the holdings of Latin American and Caribbean newspapers currently received by collections in the Northeast U.S.

An important supplement to the newspaper holdings of the LASER libraries is the collection of microfilmed newspapers of the Center for Research Libraries (CRL) ICON: International Coalition on Newspapers. For a more complete list of the web versions of Latin American and Caribbean newspapers, see Newspapers at UT-LANIC.