Dan C. Hazen SALALM Fellowship

See past awardees: Fall 2017, Spring 2017
The Fellowship supports original scholarly research or professional development pertaining to Latin America, the Caribbean and Iberia.

An applicant must be a SALALM member for at least three years as verified by the SALALM Secretariat, and have documented engagement with the activities of the organization through continuous active participation. Thus, eligibility is for junior, mid and senior status in the profession. In the case of joint research applications, a designated principal investigator must meet the above noted membership requirement. Fellows awarded during the previous three years may be awarded as funding permits. Members of the Fellowship Review Committee may not apply.

The Fellowship Review Committee evaluates each submission and ranks them qualitatively, with emphasis on the following points:
Research track
What is the work to be accomplished?
The proposal should be as explicit as possible about the current state of knowledge in the area and the specific contribution that will be made to the field with the successful completion of the study.
What is the need for and value of the proposed research?
The proposal should provide persuasive evidence that the study is of practical use or scholarly value to the wider community of Latin American, Caribbean and/or Iberian Studies librarians, archivists or academic scholars.
What is the methodology for carrying out the proposed work?
The research design should be as specific as possible and demonstrate why the funds requested are essential to   the research.
Can the work be accomplished within the time frame proposed?
Consideration is given to projects in different phases of completion. If the project extends beyond an academic year, the proposal should specify how the additional work would be completed and funded.
Are the applicant’s qualifications sufficient to carry out the study?
The applicant should document the personal qualifications and ability to complete the proposed research in a timely manner.
Professional development track
    How does the course of study or activity strengthen the applicant as a professional?
    Does the proposed professional development activity align well with the applicant’s professional interests and aspirations?
    If a departure from existing responsibilities, explain how this course fits into your long-term professional objectives.
    Is there evidence of a strong probability of continued growth and development in the skills/knowledge associated with the professional development activity proposed?

Email applications to Seonaid.Valiant@asu.edu.
The application in English, French, Portuguese or Spanish must include:
  • A proposal of 1300 words or less
  • A current résumé of 3 pages or less
  • A detailed budget of all required expenditures and sources of income; include here whether the research time is or is not fully compensated by the employer and whether other grants are concurrently sought.
  • If travel away from the site of employment, indicate countries and institutions to be visited
  • One letter of recommendation from an individual familiar with the substance of your project, or knowledgeable about your abilities to conduct such research or engage in the proposed professional development program. This letter must be sent directly by the recommender.
All applications must be submitted as a single pdf file (not including the recommendation) using the following naming protocol:
LASTNAME, firstname.documenttype
Document types are: proposal; résumé, budget, travel, recommendation (sent by recommender)

The grantee must submit a summary of the research or professional development program, not to exceed 800 words for posting on the SALALM website.
The grantee will contribute in a manner deemed appropriate by the SALALM President at the annual conference. If the project continues past the forthcoming annual conference, then the grantee will confer with the Vice President. Possible forums for presentation include, but are not limited to, a conference panel, roundtable, roda viva, discussion group, regional group, or no-host lunch.
Any publication of the research should acknowledge the assistance of the Dan C. Hazen SALALM Fellowship.

Proposals are due April 1; only complete proposals will be considered.
Awards are announced April 30.
A check for 75% of the award is issued by May 17.

Questions about the substance or process should be directed to Seonaid Valiant (Seonaid.Valiant@asu.edu); questions concerning membership to salalm@nyu.edu