Marginalized Peoples & Ideas Subcommittee

To improve the collecting of materials produced by or related to marginalized groups (women, racial and ethnic populations, laborers, migrants, refugees, political dissidents, prisoners, gays, squatters, children, religious minorities, etc.), their ideas, concerns and activities; to promote a better awareness of the nature of these materials, their significance, and how to go about obtaining them.
1. Gathers, organizes, and disseminates information on the documentation available.
2. Provides guidance on how to select and best acquire the material (criteria, vendors, non-commercial sources, field work).
3. Encourages and assists vendors in identifying and obtaining the non-traditional materials issued by marginated groups.
4. Develops and undertakes projects as appropriate.
5. Plans and executes conference programs.
For more information about the subcommittee contact Richard Phillips,