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Deadline for Submission of Proposals: FEBRUARY 3, 2020

Friday June 5 – Monday June 8, 2020
University of California, Davis
Sacramento, California

Buen provecho:  Celebrating and Exploring the Richness of Latin American, Caribbean and LatinX Food and Drink

SALALM LXV (2020) will explore all aspects of the production, distribution, consumption, and description of foods and beverages cultivated and created in Latin America or in other countries/regions with the involvement of LatinX workers and distributors.  Food and beverages shape identities and hold important cultural meaning for individuals and communities, including friends and families, regional and national communities, (im)migrants, nations, and global trade networks.  The production, distribution, sale, and consumption of food and beverages reveal varied socioeconomic systems and are usually influenced and regulated by government administrators at various levels.  Vast differences exist in access to food in general, and particularly to healthy and nourishing food, as well as to quality fermented foods and beverages.

Topics of discussion for panels and individual presentations may include, but shall not be limited to:

  • The structural and sociocultural causes of differential access to food and beverages;
  • The ways in which socioeconomic and political systems determine and are shaped by agricultural production and the processing/creation of consumable food and beverage products;
  • The role of food and beverages in shaping particular cultures and collective identities;    
  • Workers’ experiences growing and harvesting agricultural yields; producing commercial food and beverage products; and marketing, selling and distributing such products;
  • Capturing, recording and archiving agricultural labor and the production, distribution, consumption and sale of food and beverage;
  • The history and changes over time of the production of food and beverages and the restaurant and beer, wine and liquor industries;
  • Library and archival collections focused on food and beverages;
  • The practice(s) of librarianship and archiving related to food and beverages.

We look forward to your participation at SALALM LXV!

Interested presenters and panel organizers should contact Sarah Buck Kachaluba directly, using the email address below.  Please include your name, institution, contact information, proposed title and an abstract of approximately 300 words.  The deadline to submit presentation proposals is Monday, February 3, 2020

Sarah Buck Kachaluba, President of the Seminar on the Acquisition of Latin American Library Materials (SALALM) – 2019-2020

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