Individual Consultant, IADB Institutional Repository

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) continues to strengthen its strategy for the...

IADB Institutional Repository

(Felipe Herrera Library & Knowledge Management Division)


The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) continues to strengthen its strategy for the implementation of international standards and good practices for the processing, storage and dissemination of Bank's publications to facilitate access to quality and pertinent knowledge in a timely manner and enhance the visibility of the Bank's Knowledge Products (KPs) among relevant target groups within the Bank and in LAC.  One of the fundamental pieces of this strategy is the Bank Repository of Institutional Knowledge (BRIK), coordinated by the Knowledge Management Division and the Felipe Herrera Library of the Bank.  Among the various aspects of the Repository Project is the implementation of a repository platform able to interact with current Bank tools and external knowledge sources which will consolidate access, and provide additional context and meaning to Bank knowledge products, in coordination with the development and implementation of a faceted controlled vocabulary and the adoption of a metadata schema compliant with international standards to facilitate classification, retrieval, and exchange.

Objective of the consultancy
Main Activities

  • Maintain controlled vocabulary files (faceted, poly-hierarchical) as needed both in hosting software (source) and within systems leveraging the source files.

  • Assist in the design, development, and monitoring of a Vocabulary Portal, researching Bank's subject vocabulary and updating thesaurus according to current events of issues in Latin American development.

  • Continuously seek for advice and feedback in understanding Bank's use of subject terms by specialists in project and sectorial teams.

  • Identify and upload documents into the Bank's Institutional Repository (BRIK).

  • Review and edit metadata of documents in BRIK as assigned, adhering to cataloguing standards and policies.

  • Serve as a support contact for questions related to BRIK and the controlled vocabulary, including troubleshooting and performing hands-on training for Bank personnel.

  • Work in close coordination with BRIK Repository and Vocabulary Portal teams.

  • Other activities as assigned, in support of the Repository project team.


  • Consistent provision of timely, high-quality service and products.
  • Updated Vocabulary file.
  • Final report including achievements and lessons learned upon completion of contract.
  • Other deliverables as required.

Contractual Characteristics

Type of consultancy: Research Fellow

Contract Duration: 1 year with the possibility of renewal for 1 year more

Post of Duty: Bank Headquarters - 1300 New York Ave. NW, Washington D.C.

Responsible Office and Org. Unit: Reports to BRIK Project Manager and the Felipe Herrera Library chief in Knowledge and Learning (KNL).

Academic Degree

  • Preferably, the Research Fellow should have, or currently be pursuing, a master's degree in one of these areas:  Library Sciences, Information Sciences, Knowledge Management, Latin American Studies, or a related discipline.
  • Graduate students and recent graduates encouraged to apply.


  • Experience with taxonomy/ vocabulary development.

  • Knowledge of metadata schemas highly desired.

  • Highly proficient in conducting internet research and utilizing current web technology, etc.
  • Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office applications (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc).

  • Web-programming / website design experience a plus.


  • Proficient in both Spanish and English, written and spoken.

  • Portuguese and/ or French a plus.


  • Research Fellow should be able to multi-task and be highly organized.

  • Ability to act independently, creatively, and under own initiative.

  • Should have a clear understanding of development issues in Latin America.


  • Please send a cover letter and your CV to Kyle Strand ( to apply to this position.