Carlos Olave appointed to Head of the Hispanic Reading Room of the Library of Congress

Carlos Olave...

Carlos Olave, Head of the South America Section of the Latin America, Western European Division (ALAWE) of the Library of Congress, was selected to head the Hispanic Reading Room.  The former head, Everette Larson, who retired on September 30, 2014, served in that position for twenty years and twenty years before that as Reference Librarian, Area Specialist for Spain, Catalonia and Andorra, and webmaster.

Carlos came to the Library in 1988 from Princeton University  to catalog French materials.  He is a native speaker of Spanish who is also fluent in Portuguese, French and Italian---all languages used in the Hispanic Division.  At the University of Pittsburgh he earned a BA in Spanish and Portuguese with a minor in Latin American Studies and a Masters in Library Science.  From New York University he earned an MA in Spanish and Portuguese Literature.    At the Library  he cataloged Latin American books and periodicals from 1989 to 2001.   Then until mid-2008 he was a Reference Librarian in the Hispanic Reading Room, where he also assisted Ieda Siqueira Wiarda, the Luso-Brazilian Specialist, who retired on January 2015.   Carlos taught cataloging in Brasilia in Portuguese at the invitation of the U.S. Department of State and also the Library of Congress Rio Office.  He also taught cataloging in Argentina.   He starts on May 18, 2015.

In addition to being the Head of the Reading Room, Carlos will also perform the duties of Luso-Brazilian Area Specialist.

Georgette Dorn
Hispanic Division
Library of Congress