2020 José Toribio Medina Award Winner

As Antonio Sotomayor explains...

Tarragó Rafael E. The Ignored Contender : A Select Annotated Bibliography of the Cuban Autonomist Party (1878-1898). SALALM Secretariat, The Latin American Library, Tulane University, 2017.

As Antonio Sotomayor explains:

In the Ignored Contender, Rafael Tarrago has produced a truly original and much needed bibliographical contribution on Cuba's Autonomist Party. Cuban historiography has focused more, understandably, on the multifaceted aspects of their wars for independence spanning 30 years from 1868 to 1898. However, Cuba, as Puerto Rico, had important autonomists movements that had particularly special roles in both maintaining loyalty to the Spanish Crown and nurturing important feelings of nationhood. This movement and its leadership has been understudied and, Rafael Tarrago has provided a major roadmap, in and of itself, impossible to ignore.

In the words of the nominators of this book:

[Rafael Tarragó] scholarship is always very thorough, well written and well delivered. He is always invested in the things he researches, presents and publishes. His work The Ignored Contender: a Select Annotated Bibliography of the Cuban Autonomist Party (1878-1898) is a perfect example of that tenaciousness. While a slim volume of only 55 pages, it gives access to the most important publications related to understanding the Cuban Autonomist Party and its important impact on Cuban attempts to win independence from Spain.

On behalf of the José Toribio Medina Award Panel, we congratulate Rafael Tarragó for his excellent work.