Felicitations to Anna Svensson from Göteborgs Universitet

Felicitations to Anna Svensson...

Felicitations to Anna Svensson, our colleague from Sweden's University of Gothenburg. Anna received an Honoris Causa this past May for her 25 years of work at the Ibero-American Library. She has been responsible for teaching and supporting researches and students in information literacy, reference management and publishing strategies, and actively worked with the accessibility of research trough exhibitions and public events as within different research projects. She was also president our sister group REDIAL (Red Europea de Información y Documentación sobre América Latina).

The Iberoamerican Collection, formerly known as the Library of the Ibero-American Institute, was initiated in 1939 by Nils Hedberg, who gradually through purchases, donations and exchange from the Portuguese and Spanish speaking world succeeded in establishing the collection.

After living in Costa Rica in her late teens and early adult years Anna got to know the library as a student in Spanish, and did her library school bachelor's thesis in 1984 on how different acquisitions practices had formed the collection. She worked in public libraries, a library computer systems company and the Swedish International Development Authority, and became the Institute's librarian in the 1990s.

The Institute's collection is now integrated into the University's Humanities Library. Among the later donations to the collection worth mentioning is the library of historian Magnus Mörner, whose papers are part of the University Library Archive. The Collection contains books and periodicals from and about Spain, Portugal and Latin America with a strong humanities and social science focus.

See REDIAL's blog posting in Spanish. En hora Buena Ana!