e-SALALM plug

Dear loyal blog readers...
Dear loyal blog readers,

Just sending along another plug for our eSALALM session on Saturday, thinking that this kind of stuff might be especially interesting to those of you who are part of our blogosphere. See some of you soon! //pamela


A reminder that we will be holding an e-SALALM Discussion on Saturday, July 24th, 1:30 – 2:30 p.m. in State Suite B of the Providence Biltmore.
Please join us to discuss and provide feedback on several topics related to using technology and the internet to disseminate information about SALALM. The discussion will focus on the following topics and we welcome the attendance and input of all SALALM members.

SALALM Newsletter -- possibilities and opportunities for online publishing of newsletter content (a recommendation from the Editorial Board will be distributed via LALA-L prior to the conference)

SALALM Publications-- options for online access and publishing of SALALM content (conference papers, etc.)
Webinars -- opportunities for engaging in training and sharing SALALM expertise via webinars

For members who won't be attending the conference next week, please contact us with any ideas and suggestions related to these topics.
Since we only have an hour it's going to be a tight squeeze but, should time permit, we'd love to hear what other ideas you might have.
Pamela and Orchid