SALALM's LXI Annual Meeting is fast approaching!

Dear colleagues...
Dear colleagues,

Our annual meeting is very close to being completely programed! Keep registering and don't forget to reserve your hotel room.

Some general highlights of what's coming very soon:

1.     The conference will start full steam in the morning of May 9th with the opening and the keynote lecture by Dr. Charles Hale, Director of LLILAS Benson, Latin American Studies and Collections at UT-Austin. This keynote will also be the kick start to the roundtable series.

2.     This year, as part of the conference activities, we will have a series of roundtables (May 9-10) which emerged from a desire to explore the implications of globalization for academia, and, in particular, on Latin American studies. These roundtables have been designed to facilitate an open and integrative space in which we will all reflect, discuss, challenge, make recommendations and build collaborations for future directions in Latin American Studies. They also seek to actively involve participation from the core constituents of area studies teaching and learning, including representatives from the scholarly research, publishing, teaching, and librarianship communities.

The roundtable discussions will address the fact that the focus on globalization in higher education requires a deep and broad understanding of all cultures and societies, which translates to a greater demand for international resources. What is the impact on globalized campuses and how will this fact influence the support for area and international collections and services without forgetting the question of the privileged position of the Global North in Latin American and the Caribbean academic discourse?

The first week of April we will announce the fourteen presenters at these roundtables. For more details on the topics of the roundtables and the readings, go here:

I'm hoping that there will be as many SALALM colleagues as possible taking an active part at these discussions. So please, make travel arrangements to attend since day 1.

3.     Our colleagues from the recently formed interest group Digital Scholarship in Latin America (DíScoLA) will be offering a 90-minute workshop, in conjunction with the Digital Scholars Lab at the University of Virginia. We will have more details the last week of March.

4.     We have 15 presentation panels on a wide array of topics within this year's main theme. All of which will take place between May 11 and May 13. I will be able to share details by the end of March.

A big shout out to all our colleagues that have been actively helping out, in many ways for this conference to happen, especially, Miguel Valladares, our host at the University of Virginia and Hortensia Calvo, our Executive Director.

Stay tuned!

Kind regards,


SALALM President 2015-2016