Dan C. Hazen SALALM Fellowship 2019 Progress Report

In July 2018, Betsaida Reyes (University of Kansas Libraries) and Bronwen K. Maxson...

In July 2018, Betsaida Reyes (University of Kansas Libraries) and Bronwen K. Maxson (University of Oregon Libraries) carried out research in Mexico City, Mexico that was funded by a Dan C. Hazen SALALM fellowship. They were awarded the fellowship along with Alison Hicks (University College, London) in November of 2017 for a proposal to broaden the understanding of US librarians about the practices of librarians and information professionals in Mexico. Through contacts made through SALALM member, Micaela Chávez Villa (Directora de la Biblioteca Daniel Cosío Villegas, El Colegio de México), and a survey sent out to Mexican librarian networks, the librarians gathered data about Mexican librarians through a survey and focus groups. The focus groups took place with librarians from five Mexican institutions of higher education located in CDMX. The open-ended questions focused on topics related to information literacy and the internationalization of campuses.

The research team has presented on this project at two SALALM annual conferences, in Mexico CIty in 2018 and in Austin, TX in 2019:

Reyes, B. M., Maxson, B. K., & Hicks, A. (2018, July). ALFIN en México: Information professionals' approach to teaching information literacy. Presented at the SALALM LXIII annual conference, Mexico City, Mexico. Available at: 

Maxson, B. K., Reyes, B. M., & Hicks, Alison (2019, July). Hay muchos Méxicos: Mexican Information Professionals Discuss Information Literacy. Presented at the SALALM LXIV annual conference, Austin, TX. Available at: 

The co-investigators are currently preparing a manuscript to submit for publication to a peer-reviewed library journal. They hope to publish the paper in fall 2019.

The co-investigators would like to thank Sol López (University of Colorado Boulder) for proofreading our survey and assisting us with Mexican terminology. We would also like to thank Micaela Chávez and Dr. Guadalupe Vega (El Colegio de México) for their generosity in enabling us to hold the focus groups meetings in CDMX. 

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