2019 José Toribio Medina Award Winner

This book provides a comprehensive look of Latin American Librarianship...

Latin American Collection Concepts: Essays on Libraries, Collaborations, and New Approaches
publiched by McFarland in 2019 edited by Gayle AnneWilliams and Jana Lee Krentz.

This book provides a comprehensive look of Latin American Librarianship for neophytes and veterans in the field. The book organization is clear and accessible. Topics reflect the many and complicated facets of collecting in the 21st century (print, digital, and archival), including the important point of views of vendors. The variety of subjects covered in the book expose the reader to the challenges and opportunities of the field (Marisol Ramos).

This book offers bold arguments on the relevance of Latin American Studies and Latin American Collections in the 21st century – essays and arguments that can be shared with library managers for policy making and advocacy for Latin Americana. The book is highly readable and informative and in sum, an excellent testament to the important work of SALALM and Latin Americanists in general (Sarah Buck-Kachaluba).

With more than 60 years of SALALM work, it was time for SALALM to do some “published” self-reflection on this aspect of our field and its pressing issues, as we look into the future of our professions. This book brilliantly offers such needed self-reflection and offers much to talk about in the coming years (Antonio Sotomayor).

Presented by Antonio Sotomayor, Chair of the José Toribio Medina Award Advisory Panel
June 25, 2019