The Transformation of Academic Library Collecting: A Symposium Inspired By Dan C. Hazen

On October 20-21 over 100 library professionals gathered...

On October 20-21 over 100 library professionals gathered at the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in Cambridge, MA, for a symposium on academic library collecting. The event, organized by the Harvard Library, was both inspired by and in honor of Dan Hazen, who passed away in June 2015.

The first afternoon included a moving tribute to Dan and his multiple legacies, with presentations by some of Dan's former colleagues. Deborah Jakubs (Duke University Library and former SALALMista) spoke about their twin careers as historians and then librarians for Latin America. Anne Kenney (Cornell University) talked about Dan's work in Cuba and their common work there while serving on the Social Sciences Research Council. She sported a white polo shirt in homage to Dan's famous uniform! Bernie Reilly (CRL) remembered their many years of collaboration at CRL, and his role in the origins of LARRP, LAMP and other global initiatives.

Dan was very present throughout all of the presentations; more than a few speakers actually said what would Dan have said/done? He would have thoroughly enjoyed the provocative nature of this symposium. (Lynn Shirey, Harvard University)

-Lynn Shirey

Photo: Deborah Jakubs, Lynn Shirey, Angela Carreño, Pamela Graham, Jesús Alonso-Rodríguez, Melissa Gasparroto, Denise Hibay and Melissa Guy