Wednesday May 23rd 2018

SALALM Scholarship Subcommittee


To manage and administer the SALALM Scholarship that strives to award Masters degree students in library and information science or archival studies who envision a career in Latin American, Caribbean or Iberian academic or research institutions. The SALALM Scholarship Subcommittee reports to the Membership Committee.


Current Membership

Jill Baron
Lisa Gardinier
Talía Guzmán-González
AJ Johnson
D. Ryan Lynch
Jade Madrid
Nelson Santana


  • Solicits applications for the SALALM Scholarship.
  • Manages the application process.
  • Notifies all applicants of subcommittee’s final selection.
  • Develops and updates public and private webpages related this scholarship.
  • Evaluates the significance of the SALALM Scholarship on awardees’ career.

For additional information about this committee, please contact: Peter Johnson