Wednesday April 25th 2018

Interlibrary Cooperation Committee


To study, propose, implement, monitor, and coordinate cooperative activities involving Latin American and Caribbean library collections. To ensure that all Latin Americana and Caribbeana of scholarly interest is collected somewhere. To propose means of ensuring full bibliographic and physical access to such materials by all scholars, regardless of their institutional affiliation. To publicize such cooperative efforts both within and outside of SALALM.



  1. Identifies additional areas of potential cooperation, on both national and international levels, and studies or recommends appropriate activity.
  2. Communicates information on cooperative activities within SALALM to SALALM members, to institutions represented in SALALM, and to other institutions, as appropriate.
  3. Monitors the adequacy of cooperative collection development arrangements in gathering all material of scholarly interest, and identifies areas requiring greater attention.
  4. Maintains a current roster of cooperative efforts of local and regional scope which involve Latin Americana and Caribbeana.
  5. Develops recommendations for the implementation of systems allowing a full and free resource sharing among all Latin American and Caribbean collections.

For more information on the Committee contact Sarah Buck Kachaluba, Chair (2010-2013).

List of Members

Fernando Acosta-Rodríguez
Peter Altekrueger
Anne Barnhart
Claire-Lise Bénaud
Adán Benavides
Sarah Buck-Kachaluba
Hortensia Calvo
Paula Carns
Teresa Chapa
Paula Covington
Luis González
Pamela Graham
Mark Grover
Dan Hazen
Denise Hibay
Jana Krentz
Elmelinda Lara
Sarah Leroy
Karen Lindvall-Larson
Eudora Loh
Martha E. Mantilla
Irene Munster
Ricarda Musser
Rhonda Neugebauer
Barbara Robinson
César Rodríguez
Cecilia Sercan
Marianne Siegmund
James Simon (guest)
Rafael E. Tarragó
Gayle Williams
John Wright (guest)