To provide further opportunities for professional development, SALALM’s mentorship program assists new members through discussion, advice, and collegiality. Mentorship enables earlier and more effective integration of new members into the work of SALALM’s committees and annual conferences.

New SALALM members, as well as any member in good standing, are eligible to request a mentoring relationship from any individual on the Mentor List. Or, upon request, the Membership Committee’s Mentor Liaison for the mentorship program will recommend from the mentors list potential matches.

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Currently Available SALALM Mentors

Adan Griego

Stanford University Curator for Latin American, Mexican American & Iberian Collections

I have been an LAS Specialist for 24 years, and I’ve been a member of SALALM that entire time. My special interests are Collection Development and Instruction.

Bronwen Maxson

University of Colorado at Boulder Romance Languages Librarian

My research interests/specializations include IL instruction, critical pedagogy, critical library theory, Spanish Heritage Speakers, and international students. I have worked is LAS for three years and have been a member of SALALM since 2013. I’m familiar with university systems in both Colorado and Indiana, and I got my MLIS at the University of Denver in 2013.

Daisy Dominguez

The City College of New York, CUNY Information Literacy Librarian; subject librarian/liaison for Latin American Studies, Spanish and Portuguese, and History

My special interests are Indigenous film and video, Latin American music, and animal studies. I have worked in Latin American Studies for 12 years and been a member of SALALM since 2004, serving as President in 2016-2017. Welcome to SALALM! It’s a great organization!

Jana Krentz

Yale University Library Librarian for the Latin American & Iberian Collections and Latinx Studies

I am interested in Information literacy, and I have 23 years of experience in LAS. I have been a member of SALALM since 1995.

S. Lief Adleson

CEO, Books From Mexico,

I am a specialized book dealer in Mexico serving academic libraries worldwide. Among other things, I administer cooperative acquisitions programs among/between research libraries through approval plan relationship. I am pursuing two topics with special interest: 1) digitalization of academic publications in Mexico, and 2) adapting to the changing environment for LAS in academic and research libraries. I have worked in this field for 35 years and have been a member of SALALM since 1982.

Lynn Shirey

Harvard University Librarian for Latin America, Spain & Portugal Widener Library

I have 20 years of experience in LAS, and my collection focuses on humanities and social sciences. I personally am interested in film and literature.

Manuel Ostos

Librarian for Romance Languages and Literatures, Penn State University Libraries

I am Librarian for Romance Languages and Literatures and hold the rank of Associate Professor at Penn State University. My areas of specialization include Latin American and Iberian studies, French and Francophone studies, Brazilian and Lusophone studies, and Italian studies. My research areas include collection development, cultural studies, and humanities research methods. I have been a member of SALALM since 2012.

Martha Mantilla

University of Pittsburgh Librarian, Latin American Studies and Eduardo Lozano Collection

I have specialized in Latin American and Iberian Studies for approximately 15 years. My focus is on Bolivian and Indigenous studies and research. I’ve been a member of SALALM since 2003.

Nerea Llamas

University of Michigan, Head, International Studies; Librarian for Latin American & Iberian Studies

I have been a member of SALALM since 1998 and served as President in 2010-2011. I have worked in Latin American & Iberian collections for 15 years, with a focus on selection, negotiation, and acquisition of electronic resources. I am interested in collection analysis and in succession planning for International and Area Studies librarians.

Peter Johnson

Princeton University Bibliographer for Latin America, Spain & Portugal (retired)

I have worked in LAS for 33 years and been a member of SALALM since 1970, serving for many years as Treasurer. My areas of interest include special collections, particularly manuscripts and ephemeral publications; field trips; and advising students on research projects.

Rafael Emilio Tarrago

University of Minnesota Librarian for Iberian, Ibero-American & Chicano/Latino Studies

I have been a member of SALALM since 1987 and have worked as an LAS specialist for 29 years. My interests are Cuban Bibliography; Colonial Peruvian Bibliography (specifically the kurakas and the Indigenous gentry in the Kingdoms of Peru and Alto Peru); and open access and digital Latin American primary resources collections.

Rhonda Neugebauer

University of California Riverside Bibliographer, Latin American, Iberian, Chicano/Latino and Ethnic Studies

My collection areas include Central America, anthropology, sociology, the Middle East, Library Science and Leisure Reading. My area of specialization is Cuban librarianship and publishing, specifically the U.S.  Government support of “independent libraries” in Cuba, which funded U.S. intervention in Latin American affairs. I practice librarianship as an extension of my empathy and respect for the people of Latin America. I have worked in this field for 35 years and been a member of SALALM since 1984.

Roberto C. Delgadillo

University of California Davis Humanities, Social Sciences and Government Information Services Librarian

My areas of specialization and research interests are Disability Studies, Latina/o Studies, Ethnic Studies, Chicano Studies, Collection Development, Military History, Comics and Graphic Novels, and Information Seeking Behaviour. I have 10 years of experience in LAS and I’ve been a member of SALALM since 2002.

Sócrates Silva

Columbia University Libraries Latin American and Iberian Studies Librarian

My dual MA from the University of California, Los Angeles, is in Latin American Studies and Information Studies. Formerly I was Associate Editor at the Hispanic American Periodicals Index (HAPI) and the Latin American and Iberian Studies Librarian at the University of California, Santa Barbara. My collection areas are Latin America, Spain, and Portugal. I’m interested in collaborative collection development projects and primary source instructional strategies. I have been a SALALM member since 2007 and have served as Enlace chair and member-at-large.

Suzanne M. Schadl

University of New Mexico, Associate Professor/Curator Latin American Collections

I received my PhD in Latin American studies in 2002. At that time, my focus was in the classroom where I critiqued metanarratives. I had no concept of metadata, despite some 050 cataloging experience. I found my way into Latin Americanist librarianship just two days before I joined SALALM in 2008. My research still critiques metanarratives but its focus has shifted to the potential for learning in third space — between differing experiences, formats, languages, and modes of delivery. My work aims to cross boundaries and bridge gaps in the information landscape between over- and under-represented voices, materials, and systems. I am honored to have served SALALM’s Executive Board as co-Rapporteur General (2012-2015) and President (2017-2018).