Monday April 23rd 2018

SALALM Mentorship Program

To provide further opportunities for professional development, SALALM has launched its mentorship program. New professional members or those new to area studies, along with SALALM Scholarship awardees, will be able to select a mentor from SALALM members registered to participate in the program. The mentorship is to assist through discussion, advice and colleagueship with the broad range of questions and concerns that those new to the profession or area studies have. Furthermore, the mentorship will enable earlier and more effective integration of new members into the work of SALALM’s committees and annual conferences.  Access is only for current SALALM members with information via member login to the SALALM website.

New Members: See the list of available mentors here. (SALALM Login Required)

Information for Current and Prospective Mentors (SALALM Login Required)

– If you have trouble logging in, please contact Website Manager, Melissa Gasparotto at