For detailed information about SALALM’s structure, committees, and bylaws, please refer to the SALALM–Operational Handbook (July 2021) and the Bylaws.
For committee personnel, see the Committee Roster 2021-2022 (pdf) (word).


President Antonio Sotomayor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Vice-President/President-Elect  Anne Barnhart, University of West Georgia
Past President Sócrates Silva, Columbia/Cornell University
Executive Director Hortensia Calvo, Tulane University
Rapporteurs General Craig Schroer, University of West Georgia & Nelson Santana, Bronx Community College
Treasurer Peter T. Johnson, SALALM
Parliamentarian Roberto Delgadillo, University of California-Davis
Archivist Ryan Lynch, University of Texas at Austin
2019-2022 Tracy North, Library of Congress; Betsaida Reyes, Pennsylvania State University
2020-2023 Lisa Gardinier, University of Iowa; Christine Hernandez, Tulane University
2021-2024 Pamela Espinosa de los Monteros, Ohio State University; Matt Hill, Brigham Young University


Bylaws: Matthew Hill (2019-2022), Chair
Policy, Research, & Investigation: Karen Eccles (2021/2024), Chair
Editorial Board: Orchid Mazurkiewicz, Chair (At pleasure of Executive Board)

Webmaster: Michael Scott
Website Content Editor: Betsaida M. Reyes
Social Media Coordinator: Talía Guzmán-González

José Toribio Medina Award Panel: Rafael Tarragó (2021-2022), Chair

Membership: David Woken (2018-2021), Chair

SALALM Scholarship Subcommittee: Amanda Moreno (2020-2022) and D. Ryan Lynch (2022-2024), Co-Chairs

APOYO Subcommittee, Luis Javier Félix Acosta (2021-2024), Chair

SALALM Mentorship Program, Manuel Ostos (2016- ), Chair

Finance: David Rios, Chair (2019-2022), Chair
Nominations: Melissa Gasparotto (2019-2022), Chair
Outreach/Enlace: Gustavo Navarro (2022-2023), Chair 
Communications: Adan Griego, Chair


Acquisitions: Ryan Lynch (2021-2024), Chair 

Library/Bookdealer/Publisher Relations: Paloma Celis-Carvajal, Alejandro Herrera, Elena Rodrígo Maganto (2021-2024), Co-Chairs
Serials: Peter Altekrueger (2019-2022), Chair
Marginalized Peoples and Ideas: Liladhar Pendse (2020-2023), Chair

Access and Bibliography: Veronica Arispe, and Maria Thurber (2019-2022), Co-Chairs 

Cuban Bibliography: Martin Tsang (2019-2022), Chair
Electronic Resources:  Jill Baron, Sócrates Silva (2021-2024) Co-Chairs
Digital Primary Resources: Christine Hernández (2017-2021) & Ana Ramírez Luhrs (2020-2023), Co-Chairs
SIS (SALALM Iberian Studies): TBD
Special Collections and Archives: José Adrián Barragán-Álvarez (2020-2023), Chair

Library Operations & Services Committee: Jill Baron (2022-2025), Chair

Cataloging and Bibliographic Technology: Jessie Christensen (2021-2024), Chair
Research and Instruction Services: Rachel Stein (2019-2022) & Alyson Williams (2020-2023), Co-Chairs
Audio-Visual Media: Gayle Williams (2020-2023), Chair

Interlibrary Cooperation Committee: Manuel Ostos (2020-2023), Chair


Regional Groups

CALAFIA : California Cooperative Latin American Collection Development Group
LANE : Latin American North East Libraries Consortium
LASER : Latin American Studies Southeast Region
MOLLAS : Midwest Organization of Libraries for Latin American Studies

Topical/Working Groups

ALZAR : Academic Latina/o Zone of Activism & Research
DíScoLA : Digital Scholarship in Latin America
HAPI : Hispanic American Periodicals Index
LAIPA: Latin American and Indigenous Peoples of the Americas Subject Authority Cooperative Program Funnel
LALA-L : Latin Americanist Librarians’ Announcements List
 : Latin American Materials Project
: Latin Americanist Research Resources Project