SALALM 60 Finance Committee II, Minutes
Finance Committee Meeting II
Finance Committee Meeting I
SALALM 60 Finance Committee I, Minutes
Finance Committee 2013 Report
Finance Committee 2011 Report
Finance Committee 2012 Report

To assist the Executive Secretary in preparing budgets. To secure financial support for activities of the SALALM Secretariat. To review annually dues and conference fee structure.

1. Reviews the financial status of the organization with the Executive Secretary, the chair or representative of the Editorial Board, the Treasurer, and the President.
2. Reviews the Treasurer’s report.
3. Prepares the annual budget to be presented to the Executive Board at the annual meeting.
4. Recommends changes in the structure of dues and fees as required to maintain SALALM activities on a sound financial basis.
5. Reviews all funding requests and submits recommendations to the Executive Board.
6. Monitors investments and endowments of SALALM with the advice of an investments working group.
For more information about this committee, contact David Rios, Chair (2019-2022).