José Toribio Medina Award Panel


Three members appointed by the Editorial Board; the chair serves as ex officio member of the Editorial Board. Panel members serve three-year staggered terms.

To solicit nominations and select winners of the José Toribio Medina Award from among SALALM members in good standing.


  1. Announces the annual competition in the SALALM Newsletter and other appropriate sources, and solicits nominations; notifies individuals of their nomination when they have not submitted their own work
  2. Solicits review copies of materials which have been nominated.
    Selects, when the quality of submissions so warrants, a winner. The Award Panel may withhold the award when a year’s submissions fail to meet its criteria of excellence
  3. Submits award recommendation, with justifications, to the Editorial Board; arranges with the Executive Secretary for check to be drawn and for the certificate to be prepared
  4. Announces winner at the annual conference

For additional information on the award, see the José Toribio Medina Award.