Policy, Research, & Investigation

PRI Committee 2011 Report
PRI Committee 2013 Report

To advise the Executive Board with respect to goals, objectives, and activities of the organization and to serve as a committee on committees, suggesting structure and formation of committees and assignment of committee responsibilities appropriate to SALALM goals.
1. Serves as a committee on resolutions at annual conferences, receiving resolutions from committees, presenting resolutions to membership for approval, distributing resolutions to appropriate persons and organizations, and providing edited text of resolutions to Executive Secretary and SALALM Newsletter editor.
2. Advises Executive Board and committees.
3. Carries out activities of investigation pertinent to the general aims of SALALM.
4. Evaluates periodically the committee structure of SALALM and recommends revisions as needed.
For more information on this committee, contact Karen Eccles, Karen.eccles@sta.uwi.edu 
Karen Eccles (2021/2024), Chair
Ellen Jaramillo
Gayle Williams
Rafael Tarragó