Access & Bibliography


To foster all types of bibliographic activities among SALALM members and/or SALALM committees and subcommittees. To serve as a clearinghouse for the compilation and dissemination of bibliographic information related to Latin America and the Caribbean. To identify, study, and seek closer coordination with bibliographic endeavors outside the organization.


1. Coordinates bibliographic activities within SALALM; identifies and seeks coordination with bibliographic endeavors outside SALALM.
2. Coordinates, monitors, and assists the work of its subcommittees, suggesting appropriate bibliographical projects and programs, and serves as the channel of communication between the Executive Board and the chairs and members of the subcommittees.
3. Sponsors, plans, and executes programs for the annual conference.

For additional information contact Veronica Arispe, and Maria Thurber (2019-2022), Co-Chairs