Acquisitions Committee Report
Gifts and Exchanges Subcommittee 2011 Report
Acquisitions Committee 2012 Report

To identify and organize information on the acquisition of Latin Americana and Caribbeana regardless of its place or form of publication in order that pertinent information, issues, and problems be disseminated to interested parties.

1. Keeps abreast of trends and problems in acquiring materials for Latin American and Caribbean library collections and seeks to devise SALALM strategies and programs to address these concerns.
2. Coordinates, monitors and assists the work of its subcommittees, and serves as the channel of communication between the Executive Board and the chairs and members of the subcommittees.
3. Collects, organizes, and disseminates information germane to acquisitions.
4. Assists the President in planning acquisitions-related programs and activities for SALALM conferences.
For additional information contact Bronwen Maxson, Chair (2018-2021).