Constitution and Bylaws Committee 2011 Report
Constitution and Bylaws Committee 2012 Report

To maintain the integrity of the Constitution, Bylaws, and the Operational Handbook and to see that the organization operates within them. To analyze and interpret the Constitution, Bylaws, and Operational Handbook, to recommend amendments, and to review the activities of the association to determine whether or not it is conforming to them.

1. Maintains an ongoing review of the Constitution, Bylaws, and other basic documents.
2. Initiates amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws or frames such in response to a SALALM resolution or at the request of the Executive Board.
3. Revises the Operational Handbook as requested by the Policy, Research and Investigation Committee, or the Executive Board, or in response to a review of minutes of the Executive Board.
4. Evaluates amendments suggested by others.
5. Furnishes the texts of amendments to the Secretariat in order that they may be presented to the Executive Board and to the membership for vote according to provisions in the Constitution and Bylaws.
6. Observes the operations of the association to see that it is operating legally.

Changes to the 2016 Operational Handbook (archived)