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This is the home page for all SALALM Wikis. Below are instructions for starting your own, and editing existing documents.

To start a Wiki:

  • Log in to your SALALM account.
  • Click “Dashboard” from the top menu bar
  • On the left hand side of the screen you will see an option for “Wikis”
  • Click “Add Wiki”
  • Select Parent Page “SALALM Wikis” from the right hand Attributes Menu. This will ensure that your wiki is listed at the bottom of this page.
  • Add your content
  • Click “Publish”

To edit a Wiki:

  • Log in to your SALALM account

        Method 1:

  • When viewing the wiki, click the “Edit” tab.
  • Editing options will appear.
  • Make your changes and click “Save”

         Method 2:

  • Click “Dashboard” from the top menu bar
  • Click “Wikis” on left hand menu bar
  • Select the wiki you want to edit
  • Make changes
  • Click “Update”

If you would like the link to your wiki to appear on another page within the SALALM site, please get in touch with Melissa Gasparotto (gasparom@rci.rutgers.edu)

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