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Enlace Fellows share their experiences at SALALM57

Haber sido beneficiaria de la beca Enlace para participar en el LVII SALALM- Seminar on the Acquisition of Latin American Library Materials entre el 16 y el 19 de junio de 2012, ha sido una excelente experiencia personal y profesional.

Es muy importante no sólo por el honor de haber recibido apoyo del SALALM para viajar a Puerto España (Trinidad y Tobago) para dar a conocer las maravillosas colecciones de la Biblioteca Luis Ángel Arango del Banco de la República (Bogotá, Colombia), sino porque SALALM es un espacio en el que es posible intercambiar conocimientos y experiencias con bibliotecarios y libreros de diferentes lugares del mundo, especializados en América Latina.

El tema del Seminario, Popular Culture: Arts and Social Change in Latin America, permitió una riqueza excepcional en las exposiciones, no sólo porque en algunos casos eran tópicos poco desconocidos, sino porque algunos fueron presentados desde perspectivas muy interesantes. La oportunidad de escuchar en los diferentes paneles las experiencias y proyectos en curso de diferentes instituciones me permite estar al tanto del trabajo que adelantan para adquirir, preservar y divulgar sus colecciones; así como conocer las fortalezas, inquietudes e incertidumbres que enfrentan (y enfrentamos) en nuestra misión.

Adicionalmente, la oportunidad de dialogar de forma abierta y productiva con los participantes, de hacer o retomar contactos, estuvo mediada por una muy buena disposición e interés mutuo. Destaco la posibilidad del encuentro con libreros especializados, el cual resultará en el fortalecimiento de nuestras colecciones, resultado muy importante para mi institución.

Finalmente, encontrar tanta calidez humana, profesionalismo e interés en nuestra región hace que SALALM sea un foro ideal para trabajar en el rescate y preservación del patrimonio cultural latinoamericano, por lo que considerar regresar es un propósito firme para el futuro.

Diana Patricia Restrepo Torres

Diana Patricia Restrepo Torres & Fernando da Silva Assumpção

Apresentar o trabalho, no SALALM, a respeito do projeto de catalogação e higienização do Acervo da Academia Brasileira de Literatura de Cordel, trouxe sensações surpreendente. A literatura de cordel, certamente, é a manifestação cultural, dita popular, mais próxima dos bibliotecários e das bibliotecas. Porque, como produto final, de nossa expressão máxima, são os folhetos, os livros e os livretos.

O tema de SALALM deste ano – cultura popular, permitiu dar luz a este tipo de expressão cultural, contribuiu para o debate, a valorização, a difusão do cordel. Para nós do Brasil e, envolvidos com a literatura de cordel, sentimos que ampliar os espaços, desfronteirizar e transbordar os limites geográficos permite dar um papel significativo ao que representa a literatura de cordel no que tange ao processo de identidade nacional.

Obrigado ao SALALM e que eu possa contribuir mais vezes ao tão coeso e harmônico grupo.

Fernando da Silva Assumpção

Pecha Kucha 2012!

Standing room only at the very last panel of the SALALM 2012 conference: Pecha Kucha! This is the third time that we have run a Pecha Kucha, where participants are allowed roughly 7 minutes to present their work. There was a wide variety of fabulous topics- thanks to presenters and participants!

Here are the presenters’ presentations and details. Enjoy!

Alison Hicks, University of Colorado, Boulder.

What Digital Collection? Issues of Collection Development, Cataloging Trends and Standards, and Ethical Considerations of Underground Music in the Caribbean and Latin America / Samuel Wicks (University of Pittsburgh)

Developing Local Cataloging Procedures for Access to Foreign-Language Films / Tina Gross (St. Cloud State University)

Strategies for Patron-Initiated Acquisitions / Sarah Wenzel (University of Chicago)

Collaborative Digital Archiving: a Non-Custodial Approach / Carolyn Palaima (University of Texas)

Library Outreach using Library a la Carte (TM) / Laura Shedenhelm (University of Georgia)

Publish or Perish? Supporting Graduate Students as Aspiring Authors / Barbara Alvarez (University of Michigan)

Registration deadline MAY 18!

Please remember to register for our Trinidad conference by May 18th!

Lynn Shirey

From the President: Trinidad & Tobago Visit

I just returned from a quick visit to Port of Spain. The hotel is wonderful, with views of the mountains and city on all sides. Best of all, the Trinidadians (“Trinis”) are great hosts. It promises to be another great conference, and we are in very good hands.

I visited NALIS (the National Library), in downtown Port of Spain, where the Host Reception will be held on Monday, June 17th. The University of the West Indies campus and library are located in St. Augustine, a few miles outside of the city, and tours of the Alma Jordan Library will be offered. I visited the West Indiana collection and the Eric Williams special collection, and it’s worth a trip!

Weather: rain, clouds, sun, hot– fairly unpredictable! So come prepared. You won’t be cold!


Lynn Shirey
Harvard University


Provisional Conference Schedule Posted

Please see the nearly final SALALM conference program on the conference site under Program!

Minor adjustments will be made between now and time of printing.


Lynn Shirey



Sign up for the May 16 Webinar: Collecting for Latin America & Spain

Adán Griego, Curator for Iberoamerican and Mexican American Collections at Stanford University


The Latino population in our country is growing and, with it, the demand for culturally relevant information.  Library users in academic and public libraries want more materials about Latin American and Latino issues – especially from the perspective of those cultures.  At the same time, libraries are facing difficult economic challenges, resulting in staff shortages and the necessity for some librarians to assume new roles and collect in subject areas and languages that are unfamiliar to them.

This 90-minute webinar will address these concerns by providing tangible selection tools for collecting materials in Latin American and Latino Studies and Spanish Literature.  Other discussion topics will include publishing trends and strategies for effectively using these resources regardless of Spanish-speaking ability.  Tailored to the non-specialist and new professional, this webinar is a must-see for anyone who wants to build her knowledge and confidence about collecting materials in these disciplines.

The session will be hosted by Adán Griego, Curator for Iberoamerican and Mexican American Collections at Stanford.  Having held this position since 1996, Adán is always looking for those unique or rare items (photos, manuscripts, posters, books) that will enhance collections.  A former president of SALALM, Adán is also a REFORMA life-time member and is active in ALA. This webinar is co-sponsored by SALALM and the ALA International Relations Office.

Preliminary Conference Schedule Now Available

A preliminary schedule for SALALM LVII to be hosted by the University of the West Indies in Port of Spain, Trinidad, has now been posted. View it here:

From the President: Conference Schedule News

Some of you know that I had planned to visit Trinidad last week, and hoped to report back with fresh conference news. Unfortunately, my flight (Boston-New York) was cancelled and I never made it! I hope to reschedule very soon.

Meanwhile, preparations for our conference are well advanced, and I’d like to share the following scheduling information with you. Almost all committee meetings will take place on Saturday, June 16, with the exception of the second meetings of the Executive Board and Finance. Panels will run from Sunday through midday on Tuesday, and E-SALALM, Town Hall, Business and Executive Board 2 will take place in the afternoon. We don’t expect to end until about 5:30 on Tuesday, so please plan on attending the entire day if you are on the Board.

As you know, SALALM will take place over 4 days this year, instead of the traditional 5. This change was made to address concerns about the cost of attending SALALM in recent years, and as an experiment in a (somewhat) new format. In order to accommodate this shorter timeframe I have asked the following groups and committees to meet either virtually or off-schedule (at meals, for example): LANE, MOLLAS, LASER and CALAFIA; Nominating, Medina and Cuban Bibliography. Official Publications is not meeting this year due to lack of membership in recent years; and Gifts and Exchange is being considered for permanent cancellation due to lack of activity.

In addition, I have eliminated the following Substantive Committee meetings this year: Acquisitions, Access and Bibliography, and Library Operations and Services. These meetings have (in recent years at least) served only to collect reports from their respective subcommittees. Those reports can be submitted privately to the Chairs, who then report to the Executive Board. So please note: chairs of Library/Bookdealer/Publisher Relations, Serials, and Marginalized Peoples should submit reports to the Chair of Acquisitions before the end of the meeting; Chairs of Cuban Bibliography and Electronic Resources should report to the Chair of Access and Bibliography; and Chairs of Audio-Visual, Bibliographic Instruction, Cataloging, and Reference should report to the Chair of Library Operations and Services.

The Libreros’ Reception will be held on Sunday evening; and the Host Reception at UWI on Monday evening.

Changes have been made on our website (thanks Melissa and Daisy!) so that the conference website is now linked to from the photograph of the UWI Trinidad on the main page. I hope that this will improve visibility. Please check the page for schedule updates, which will be posted regularly.

Lynn Shirey

Harvard University

Photographic Project Featured on NYT and SALALM57

Pablo Delano and Dario Euraque will speak about their work documenting Honduras’ cultures at SALALM 57.


Lynn M. Shirey
Harvard University

Presidental Message

December 1, 2011

SALALMistas have been active travelers in the past few months: the LIBER book fair in Madrid was attended by several of our members, and even more attended (FIL) in Guadalajara. Our colleagues Michaela Chavez Villa (Colegio de México) and Adán Griego (Stanford) were among 25 librarians from Mexico and the United States honored for their contributions to FIL over the past 25 years.

LANE (Latin America North East) met recently at NYU’s Bobst Library for a productive meeting. Of special interest was a presentation given by Bobray Bordelon of Princeton on Latin American and Caribbean Data Resources. A few intrepid lanistas visited the Occupy Wall Street library after hours, and narrowly missed being caught up in the eviction later that night!

Plans are also underway for electronic elections for SALALM officers, thanks to Ana María Cobos, Stephanie Miles and Jesús Alonso-Rodríguez of the Nominating Committee.

Conference News:

Many thanks to those of you who have proposed papers for our upcoming SALALM Conference dedicated to Popular Culture: Arts and Social Change in Latin America and the Caribbean. Please continue to send me your ideas and to spread the word to interested colleagues, especially those in Latin America.

Planning for SALALM LXVII in Trinidad & Tobago is underway, and the Conference website will be available very soon. In the meantime, and since I have received several requests for information about costs and transportation from members who need to make their travel funding requests early, I will give you a sneak preview:

Hilton Trinidad and Conference Centre (June 16-19)

Rooms have been reserved for participants at a special rate of US$129.00 (single) and US$139.00 (double occupancy) plus 10% service charge and 11.50% tax. Room rates are inclusive of breakfast and internet access.


Travel arrangements should be made as soon a possible to take advantage of lower fares. June 19 is Labour Day, a public holiday in Trinidad and Tobago which may be a busy travel period. Trinidad and Tobago’s, main airport, Piarco International Airport is served by a number of airlines, from destinations in the Caribbean, Canada, Central America, South America, Europe and The United States.

Please consider organizing a panel or a single paper for the Conference!

Felices fiestas,

Lynn Shirey
Harvard University

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