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Presidential Message August 2011

I would like to congratulate our colleagues for organizing an interesting, efficient and enjoyable conference in Philadelphia this past May. The theme “Preserving Memory: Documenting and Archiving Latin American Human Rights” was timely and of interest to us all. Many excellent presentations were held, thanks to the work of our past president Nerea Llamas. Many thanks as well to our excellent hosts, Joe Holub and David Murray of the University of Pennsylvania and Temple University libraries and our very generous sponsors.

Several important issues were expressed this year at the two Executive Board meetings, the Business meeting and at Town Hall. Executive Board Member-at-Large Sean Knowlton (Columbia University) presented a list of proposals compiled by Patricia Figueroa (Brown University) that represent concerns voiced by SALALM members in recent years:

  • that SALALM change its name to reflect the reality of the work we accomplish; i.e. a name that is more general in nature and by default more inclusive
  • that the SALALM conference be limited to 3 days instead of 5
  • that we eliminate panels and themes from our meeting so that we can devote more time to our committees, regional meetings and vendors
  • that we meet and celebrate SALALM in conjunction with LASA, mimicking the arrangement that MELA and MESA have for their yearly congresses. This arrangement would provide an outlet for SALALM members who must present a paper in order to receive funding to attend. The conference need not take place at the same hotel as LASA, but rather the same city and dates.

While some of these concerns have surfaced at various moments in our organization’s history, the present economic crisis has brought them to the fore once again. We are faced with a shrinking membership; our institutions provide less professional development funding than in the past; and conference costs are rising.

In order to address these proposals, I have named an ad-hoc Membership Survey Committee to collect information, opinions and ideas relating to the above issues. Members include Anne Barnhart (chair), David Block, Mary Jo Zeter, John Wright and Patricia Figueroa. Please respond thoughtfully to their survey which will be sent out in early fall.

A second committee will work concurrently with the Survey Committee to investigate the consequences, cost and feasibility of a name change for the organization. Ideas for new names or new meanings for our existing acronym will be explored. Should the membership agree on the desirability of a name change (via the survey process), the work of this committee will provide helpful information. The SALALM Name Change Committee includes Sócrates Silva, Melissa Gasparotto, Stephanie Miles and Sean Knowlton.

Treasurer Peter T. Johnson put forward a related proposal geared toward increasing membership in our organization. An initial SALALM scholarship of $1,000 will be awarded to a student enrolled in an MLS program (in the U.S.) who intends to work in the field of Latin American Studies, and who will join our organization.

In response to some of the concerns expressed above, I plan to experiment with the format of next year’s SALALM meeting. We will we return to a slightly more economical 4-day schedule; at the same time, I would like to create more time and space to work with each other and with our vendors, who are an integral part of our organization. I plan on repeating a version of the successful Libreros Workshop which was held in Philadelphia and organized by John Wright, Ellen Jaramillo and Stephanie Miles. Based on the feedback I heard, it provided a necessary forum for communicating information about the technological changes we face in our professions. Although I will continue to organize panels, workshops and committee meetings, there will be fewer of them. I encourage committees and affiliated groups who meet or work outside of our annual meeting to consider foregoing a meeting at SALALM if at all possible.

And last but not least, for those of you who have not yet heard, SALALM LVII will be held in Trinidad and Tobago (T&T!), from June 16-19, 2012. Our hosts will be the University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago and the Library Association of Trinidad and Tobago (LATT) and meetings will be held at the Hilton Trinidad & Conference Centre, Port of Spain. Our theme will be “Popular Culture: Arts and Social Change in Latin America.” I hope that we will be able to attract colleagues from across the Caribbean as well as from South America. A call for papers and will be released soon, and I look forward to receiving your ideas and contributions!


Lynn Shirey
Harvard University

Enlacistas comparten sus experiencias en SALALM56

Mercedes Tinoco Espinoza y Graciela G. Barcala de Moyano, ganadoras de la beca Enlace en 2011.

Con motivo de haber obtenido la beca Enlace para participar en SALALM (Seminario de Adquisiciones de Materiales Latinoamericanos para Bibliotecas) en Philadelphia (EEUU), entre los días 28 de mayo y 1 de junio de 2011, tuve una excelente ocasión de compartir ponencias y exposiciones con colegas y libreros especializados en América Latina.

De las conversaciones mantenidas durante los días del evento, destaco el contacto con funcionarios de la Biblioteca del Congreso de Estados Unidos donde encontré una buena disposición para otros intercambios como los realizados en el pasado tan beneficiosos para el mencionado organismo y la Academia Nacional de la Historia (de Argentina), donde presto servicios como Jefa de la Biblioteca.

Me interesó particularmente el estado de las colecciones del Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut, cuya fuente documental original fue la donación del Dr. Quesada, prestigioso historiador argentino.

En una y otra ocasión dialogué con colegas sobre experiencias comunes sobre el estado de la profesión. Encontré en toda oportunidad un recibimiento gentil y curioso.

Con algunos libreros y anticuarios de Buenos Aires compartimos buenos momentos, a los que se sumaron otros de diversos lugares de América Latina y España. Una de las mayores ventajas de estos encuentros fueron las conversaciones para facilitar las entregas del material adquirido, con el fin de salvar las dificultades de la compra en el exterior, existentes en Argentina.

Concurrí a las ponencias que me interesaron por su temática y que se parecen a nuestras necesidades y soluciones. Esencialmente fue muy importante el panel donde presenté mi trabajo sobre Archivos Orales, por las similitudes y abordaje de los temas de los otros panelistas.

Enriquece notablemente mis tareas la posibilidad de establecer contactos con los directores de las bibliotecas universitarias, así como de las Divisiones para Estudios de América Latina, más prestigiosas de Estados Unidos y América en general. Y en el plano de la camaradería, nada pudo ser mejor.

El lugar del encuentro con sus amplias y cómodas salas, permitió trasladarse cómodamente de un sitio a otro e intercambiar experiencias.

Por último debo agradecer las invitaciones recibidas de la University of Pennsylvania Libraries y la SALALM Libreros’ Reception, así como la visita a un anticuario en una bellísima casa con cientos de volúmenes curiosos y en algunos casos únicos, ubicados en un espacio que había pertenecido a militares

Graciela G. Barcala de Moyano

Participar en el LVI conferencia anual de SALALM como Enlacista me permitió compartir lo que hacemos en función del rescate y preservación de la memoria de nuestros pueblos, que mejor que compartirlos en la conferencia anual. La experiencia fue única, me permitió conocer otras experiencias en el campo de las ciencias de la información y la bibliotecología que contribuirán en el desarrollo de nuestro trabajo.

Destaco que el evento del SALALM se desarrolló con un nivel de organización excelente, me sentí en un ambiente de calidez que me permitió interactuar y compartir con todos los participantes. Me sentí en familia. Aprovecho para agradecer a los organizadores la oportunidad de participar en tan prestigioso evento.

Una de las grandes oportunidades y evidentemente importante es el contacto establecido con los libreros y bibliotecarios(as) permitiéndonos conocer el estado actual de las adquisiciones de materiales que se producen en nuestros países y enriquecer nuestras bibliotecas.

Mercedes Tinoco Espinoza

Presidential Message June 2011

As I write this message, SALALM LVI is one short week away. Joe Holub, David Murray and I continue to finalize last minute details such as conference packets, room set-ups and menus. For those of you who enjoy statistics, there are 20 panels, 37 meetings and 6 miscellaneous sessions scheduled. It never ceases to amaze me that we carry out such a full schedule in just a few days! With regard to the program content, I draw your attention to the keynote address, “Forensic Archivists and Active Archives: Advancing the Cause of Human Rights in Latin America through Archival investigation,” which will be delivered by Peter Kornbluh of the National Security Archive. There is a wonderful selection of panels addressing memory and human rights as well as others exploring library trends and developments. This year we also have five panels dedicated to documentary screenings. I am very excited about the program and hope you will enjoy the content and mix of formats.

And let me take this opportunity to thank Joe Holub and David Murray for their hard work in planning the local arrangements for SALALM LVI. Local arrangements require a great deal of dedication and attention to detail. Joe and David have truly done their utmost to ensure a successful conference.  It has been a great pleasure working with both of them; I couldn’t have asked for better partners in this venture.

In other news…

Encouraged by the membership, the SALALM Executive Board sent a letter to Secretary of Education Arne Duncan voicing SALALM’s concern over proposed cuts to Title VI funding. Many SALALM member institutions benefit in a variety of ways from the Title VI program. Because of the short time frame, we needed to act quickly. My thanks to David Block for drafting the letter and to the other Executive Board members for quickly commenting and voting. As you know, the letter was sent on April 29th. Though there has been no news about Title VI funding yet, we hope that SALALM’s voice will be heard.

SALALM will host a booth at the ALA Annual Conference in New Orleans June 24-27, 2011. I encourage those of you who will attend to volunteer to staff the booth. In conjunction with ALA, SALALM has been invited to participate in the Spectrum Leadership Institute’s Professional Options Fair. The fair, which will take place on Thursday, June 23rd from 7:00 p.m.-9:30 p.m. at the Royal Sonesta, is an opportunity for SALALM to outreach to Spectrum Scholars who are library school students from underrepresented groups. Both the booth and the Professional Options Fair are excellent opportunities to promote SALALM and its activities.

Congratulations to the newly elected SALALM officers, President-Elect, Martha Mantilla and Members at Large Paul Losch and Mary Jo Zeter. Welcome to the Executive Board! And, thank you to the Nominating Committee for once again gathering a great slate of candidates.

Finally, I am looking forward to reuniting with old friends and making new ones in Philadelphia. Planning the SALALM LVI program has been incredibly rewarding for me personally. I hope that you will be as pleased as I am with the results!

Nerea A. Llamas

University of Michigan

Pecha Kucha

Thanks to everyone for attending Pecha Kucha! The room was packed and the presenters were fabulous. I’ll add the presentations as I get them.
See you next year!

Jesus Alonso Regalado

Holly Ackerman

Gabriella Reznowski
Beyond the Stone

Brenda Salem
FRBR Presentation

Adrian Johnson
Becoming Part of Your Students’ Community

Meagan Lacy

Suzanne Schadl

Latin Lover

“Latin Lover” seemed to have been the drink of choice at the New Members and ENLACE Happy Hour

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