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More SALALM 55 (2010) Presos

Motivated by James Neal’s tweet and the general e-SALALM vibe at SALALM 55, here by popular demand are some more presentations. This post is being edited as more people send their presentations. Thanks to all who have shared theirs already!

Panel 1: Envisioning and Shaping the Future of Latin American and Area Studies Collections and Research

David Block, University of Texas at Austin:
What’s Paper Doing in the Electronic Library?

James Simon, Center for Research Libraries, Chicago:
The Future of Collaboration in Area Studies Collections and Research

Panel 3: Welcome to the Mad Hatter House: Embeddedness and the Evolving roles of the Latin Americanist Librarians

Marisol Ramos, University of Connecticut, Storrs:
Embedding Latin American Archives into Library Instruction and Practice

Panel 8: Documenting in Times of Adversity, Survival and Hope

Molly Molloy, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces:
Our Daily Massacre … Thoughts on Preserving the Record of Juárez Homicides, 2008-Present

Lynn Shirey, Harvard University, Cambridge:Chilean Protest Murals

Panel 9: Historias y Contenidos en Revistas Latinoamericanas y Españolas

Marisol Ramos and Michael J. Bennett, University of Connecticut, Storrs:
Mujeres, damas y señoritas: el mundo de las revistas femeninas Españolas del Siglo XIX al alcance de la mano: The Women’s Magazine Digital Collection at the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center

Panel 12: Roundtable on Collaborative Collection Development Part 1: A Survey of Collaborative Collecting Models

Moderator: Lynn Shirey, Harvard University, Cambridge:Introduction

Panel 17: Beyond Institutional Borders: Archivists Document Underrepresented Communities

Yesenia López, Puerto Rican Community Archives, Newark Public Library
Organizing Our Communities’ Records: Connecting a Community to Its History

Joan D. Krizack, Northeastern University, Boston
Preserving the History of Boston’s Diversity: Northeastern University’s Project to Document the African American, Chinese, Latino, and GLBT Communities of Boston

Pedro Juan Hernández, Centro de Estudios Puertorriqueños,
Hunter College, New York
Becoming Visible: A Profile of the Archives of the Puerto Rican Diaspora at the Centro de Estudios Puertorriqueños

Analysing La Cuna

Bridging Physical, Virtual and Hybrid Spaces

If anyone wants to follow my presentation, or see the slides, they are available online.

Resources Mentioned in the Pecha Kucha

As usual, SALALM has me frantically jotting down ideas and resources as they get shared by colleagues on panels. Because there are so many excellent concurrent panels, I wanted to share some of these for those of you who may not have been able to attend yesterday’s first (of many, I hope!) Pecha Kucha.

Katherine McCann (LoC) had a variety of suggestions for finding translations and reviews of translations:
The Complete Review: A Literary Saloon and Site of Review
(Contains Index of Latin and South American Literature)
World Literature Today
Open Letter
Words Without Borders

Kent Norsworthy of LANIC highlighted some of their projects:
UTLANIC is on Twitter
Latin American Government Documents Archive (LAGDA)
Latin American Electronic Data Archive (LAEDA)

Daisy Dominguez presented on her experiences with Twitter. If you tweet, use #Salalm55 to tweet about the Conference. She invites you to connect with her at @daisilla

Martha Kelehan mentioned a number of resources to help you create data visualizations:
Google Motion Charts
VUE (concept mapping software)

Daniel Schoorl also mentioned a number of ways to visualize data in his presentation on the Statistical Abstract of Latin America
Many Eyes
Social Explorer

In Orchid Mazurkiewicz’s presentation on federated searching and Latin American Studies, she reminded us of a resource that many of us learned about at Berlin’s conference:

And Luis Gonzalez talked about two databases/resource pages that he has been maintaining and expanding over the years:
Researching Brazil
Researching Mexico

Pecha Kucha

Pecha Kucha has just finished, and I, for one, have three pages of notes to follow up on! Owing to wifi failure, I was seen without my computer surgically attached to my fingers; I even proved that I do still know how to write. However, I still managed to learn a lot from each presentation and hope that we have started a new SALALM tradition.

Thanks to Daisy for maintaining the Tweets!

#salalm55 - Twitter Search

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A big thanks to all the presenters who did a fabulous job! Presentations are bring embedded on the blog

Moderator: Alison Hicks

Speaker 1: KD McCann

In Translation 3

Speaker 2: Daisy Dominguez
Tukushka Minga Virtual

Speaker 3: Kent Norsworthy
What’s New at LANIC

Speaker 4: Martha Kelehan
Gapminder, GIS, And the Digital Humanities

Speaker 6: Daniel Schoorl

Speaker 7: Luis Gonzalez

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