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collaboration’s the word

Monday was filled with panels on collaboration, where I spent most of my time. (Really sorry to miss all the other excellent presentations on Monday and yesterday’s Pecha Kucha or however you spell it. Thanks for everyone who has shared their thoughts, slides and all the tweeting)

I’ll soon get my slides on the 2CUL Cornell-Columbia initiative up. Two of the other panels on collaboration brought up a wealth of ideas. We heard a lot about what works and what’s different today about collaboration. I think there definitely has to be an alignment of certain pressures AND certain support to make this work. We heard from Dora Loh about Calafia and how they are moving forward, taking advantage of existing and emerging infrastructure in California for sharing print and coordinating acquisitions. Check out their site for descriptions of agreements. Denise Hibay walked us through the analysis of collections that was done as some major shifts and redirections took place at the NYPL. She shared an interesting schema for describing and categorizing collections–hope that will be available soon. Angela Carreno spoke about their cloud library project–understanding overlap between digital content and files deposited in the Hathi trust, digital content and overlap in the shared ReCAP facility. Can a library source what it needs from these digital and print repository “clouds” instead of duplicating the effort to store and manage print? Read more of this OCLC supported project. We heard more about Dartmouth and Brown’s “boutique” collaboration for Brazil and Miguel Valladares showed us his impressive report analyzing LANE collections–how did he do this all with nothing more than regular WorldCat searches? Search strings are included for those of you who want to try this at home (but maybe not alone).

Take aways? We need to have a place on the SALALM website where we can centrally list all existing collaborative arrangements.

Perhaps we should have a preconference on collaboration next year. Start with having the regional groups work on this at their next meetings, and come to the preconference ready for a structured type of discussion or exercise.

We must work with vendors on this–they are an important part of the picture. Collaboration won’t work without them.

faculty buy-in is key, as well as educating users about what we are doing and how this affects how they work and where they will find what they need.

The Little Foxes


I should either be A) at the interlibrary cooperation meeting OR B) preparing for the Executive Board meeting, but instead I am here in the nerve center of the SALALM 54 conference, juicing up my laptop and blogging. Things have been going quite smoothly so far and I can take absolutely no credit for this. The Berlin local arrangements team runs a tight ship and it seems like they have thought of everything. I think many of us are starting to think they can order up the weather. Today has been much cooler and sunny–perfect weather for sitting in committee meetings!

Following up on Adan’s post, we had a good LAMP meeting in the lovely Bolivar room at the IAI. They graciously held a reception for us afterwards (big incentive to finish the meeting). We had a look at the wonderful exhibit they have prepared !Al pueblo argentino de 2010! Culturas en movimiento en el Rio de la Plata. (sorry can’t make accents on this computer). And some wine and empanadas, along with German sandwiches.

And enjoy a nice photo of our new members orientation. Yes, I can confirm that the Latin Lover was the drink of choice at our reception.

So where do the foxes come into the picture? On the way back to our hotel each night, I’ve been seeing little creatures that I now know are foxes. At first I thought they were jet lag induced hallucinations but I have independent confirmation that they are indeed foxes. I’ve never seen them in an urban setting like this. We are just blocks from Berlin’s Tiergarten, which literally means animal garden. It was laid out in the 18th century as a hunting ground so perhaps this all makes sense. Berlin can be a magical place indeed. . . Back to business

Willkommen in Berlin!

Greetings from Berlin! I arrived around midday Wednesday and am probably one of the first overseas attendees to arrive. I had a delayed but uneventful flight, direct from New York. At the baggage claim I discovered that Tina Gross was on my flight, but that was the only Salalmer@ I encountered today.

Here’s the entrance to our hotel, in the lovely Kulturforum district. The air is fragrant with some kind of blossom. I spent most of my day settling in and getting organized. I took a walk over to the nearby Potsdamer Platz. There are several shops and restaurants about 10 minutes walk from the hotel. I will be helping our colleagues at the IAI Library with conference preparations tomorrow (although they are so organized they probably do not need my help!). I hope to run into some arriving Salalm members on Thursday and Friday. It’s warm here right now, highs near 80 F but it will be a few degrees cooler after Sunday, according to the forecasts.

Hasta pronto, pamela


Greetings to the blog reading SALALMeros out there.

The final program for SALALM 54 is now available on the conference website. It’s hard to believe the rough notes and lists I sketched out with Peter and Ricarda over cold lemonade in New Orleans has turned into this 32 page document. Now I need to clone myself so I can sit in on all the panels.

Hope to see some of you soon; others can look forward to our ongoing posts and eventual conference reports.


e-SALALM — Your input needed

Hi all,
This is my first entry into the salalm blogosphere– and how appropriate that I am writing about SALALM’s digital future! I have posted a note to LALA-L describing my idea to form an ad hoc group within SALALM to explore ways to make our organization more electronic. Hopefully saving us some work and time and paper. I am pasting in the proposal below.

I invite you to send your feedback, either directly to my Columbia email ( OR you can use the comments feature of this blog to share your thoughts. We will dedicate some time to this issue in the Town Hall meeting at the end of the SALALM conference, on the afternoon of July 8th. If you post or send a comment, I can bring that to the discussion, if you wish. I’ll look forward to receiving your thoughts, in person or in bytes. Thanks! Pamela

Proposal and Charge for the e-SALALM Ad hoc Committee
July 2009
Submitted by Pamela Graham, SALALM President 2008-09

This proposal seeks to set up an Ad hoc committee (to be called the e-SALALM Group) to investigate, research, and recommend measures that could be taken to improve and increase efficiency in several SALALM functions via the use of technology. Over the course of the last few years, the membership and SALALM officers have expressed an interest in moving several key functions online and this theme surfaced in the 2007 PRI Survey. Shifting some of SALALM’s functions online will involve initial and ongoing costs, and will require an examination of available software and tools, and a consideration of several non-technological issues. I propose setting up a working group that can survey and review such options and issues with the goal of providing the Executive Board, the Finance Committee, and other relevant Committees with specific recommendations for pursuing any appropriate changes.

Possible categories of functions and activities to be reviewed: 

  • Routine SALALM functions: Initial memberships and membership renewals, Conference Registration, SALALM election balloting 
  • Publications: Newsletter, Membership Directory, Proceedings and other publications
  • Publicity and Outreach: use of blogs, Facebook, podcasts, and other social networking tools to disseminate information and engage existing and potential members 
  • Intra-SALALM communication: Group workspaces for committees/subcommittees; tools for sharing documents, minutes, and any project documentation etc.

Possible tasks for the e-SALALM can include the following: 

  • Consult with relevant SALALM committees and with the membership as needed to gather information about priorities, questions, and concerns; determine whether some functions are already carried out online and recommend any needed practices or guidelines 
  • Review other similar professional organizations’ websites; consult with colleagues to obtain advice and suggestions on software and appropriate technologies 
  • Review possible tools and software; obtain information about technological requirements and costs 
  • Consider non-technological issues including access, privacy, and the possible need for any changes in SALALM’s Basic Documents 
  • Consider needs for any new institutional support, financial and human, to enact and sustain possible changes

Membership: The group will consist of a Chair and approximately 5 members. The group should include a mixture of persons with technological skills and experience, and those with strong familiarity with SALALM’s committees and functions. The committee will be populated by a combination of appointments and an open call for volunteers from the membership to serve.

Timeline for work: The group will carry out most of its work during the 2009-10 academic year. A brief status report should be sent to the Executive Board in January 2010. The group will deliver a report and recommendations to the Executive Board and Finance Committee two weeks before the SALALM LV conference so that these recommendations can be considered at the annual Executive Board and Finance Committee meetings. More complicated issues may require additional time for research and investigation so some of the e-SALALM group may carry over into the following year.

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