Tuesday July 25th 2017

Online Membership Application

Mail in membership application

SALALM has an international membership of approximately 500, including about 150 institutions. Any person, institution, or other organization interested in the aims of SALALM may become a member upon payment of the dues. Personal members are eligible to vote, to be officers, and to serve on the Executive Board and on standing committees. They receive the Papers of the annual seminars, and may subscribe to SALALM’s listserv, LALA-L. Institutional members and special members receive, in addition, other publications, including special bibliographies and studies, which SALALM may publish.

*There will be a late fee of $12 after October 31, 2016

First time Personal Membership: $50.00
Three-year Personal $220.00
Personal: $75.00 (Student: $30.00) (Emeritus: 30.00)
Three-year Personal (Latin America, Puerto Rico, Caribbean)$115.00
Personal (Latin America, Puerto Rico, Caribbean): 40.00
Student (Latin America, Puerto Rico, Caribbean): $15.00
Emeritus (Latin America, Puerto Rico, Caribbean): $15.00
Institutional (All countries): $110.00
Institutional Sponsoring Member (All countries): $500.00
Members outside the U.S. may add Airmail Fee $10.00
Credit card handling fee: $5.00

Please fill out your committee preferences on the following form. When you have finished, you will be taken to the registration and payment pages. If form does not load below, click here: Online Committee Preferences and Membership Form