Tuesday March 28th 2017

Powerpoint and Others

    Search engine optimization for the research librarian, or how librarians can beat spammers at their own game
    Los primeros libros de las Américas: impresos mexicanos del siglo XVI en las bibliotecas del mundo
    Digging for treasure: zarzuelas and other gems in the historical sound recordings collection at Yale University
    Making book fairs friendlier through technology
    Gifts-in-kind: a model for increasing benefits and a boon for area studies
    FRBR: Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records
    OCLC RDA-related policy
    RDA y el registro del librero: qué campos cambiaron y los que tienen que registrar…
    Bibliotecas digitais no contexto do desenvolvimento humano, um estudo de caso: Brasil
    German views of Amazonia through the centuries
    What do I do now? Strategies for providing access to library materials in languages you don't know (slide show)
    Latin American digital projects: student, faculty, and library collaborations at Vanderbilt
    5 things I learned during the Novela Mundial digitization project
    Cache Valley, Utah: Latino/Latina voices & history
    Finding your history in the library catalog: how subject analysis can improve access to family and local histories
    Challenges to Caribbean family history and genealogy: archives, sources, and oral history in Puerto Rico
    Opening the vault of eighteenth-century Andean history: a portal to the Conde de Montemar letters at the University of Illinois Library (1761-1799)
    The femicide fallacy: tyranny of the ten percent
    Integrating the Panama Canal Museum Collection into the University of Florida Libraries
    Embedding Latin American archives into library instruction and practice
    Mujeres, damas y señoritas: el mundo de las revistas femeninas españolas del siglo XIX al alcance de la mano; the Women's Magazine Digital Collection at the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center
    From trash to treasure: the libros cartoneros of Latin America & Spain: selections from the collection of Indiana University Libraries, Bloomington, Indiana (part 1)
    From trash to treasure: the libros cartoneros of Latin America & Spain: selections from the collection of Indiana University Libraries, Bloomington, Indiana (part 2)
    Following the clues and getting help from your friends (slide show)
    Uso y preservación de colecciones del patrimonio cultural brasileño y mexicano en la Biblioteca Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz (slide show)
    Crowdfunding and collection development
    Luces y sombras de GREI en bibliotecas académicas
    Difusão e acesso às fontes históricas: o impacto da disponibilização online de documentos através do projeto de preservação e disseminação do acervo histórico do Centro de Pesquisa e Documentação de História Contemporânea do Brasil (CPDOC/FGV)
    Descrever é preciso
    Descrever é preciso
    Building on a history of collaboration: the evolution of LAMP and LARRP
    A liaison’s role in implementing an open access policy on campus
    LARRP today: strategic directions and a vision for the future
    LAMP (CRL): Collaborative preservation of Brazilian primary source materials
    From public policies to academic initiatives towards electronic resources access in Brazil: the challenge of overcoming the shortage of resources while ensuring quality in academic research
    Serials acquisitions in the digital “future”: if it’s all online, what’s the problem?
    Contemporary indigenous scholarly and cultural dialog: a view from Latin American serial publications
    Another BRIC on the web