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SALALM - Seminar on the Acquisition of Latin American Library Materials

ALZAR is the newest group within SALALM. Its goal is to provide a link (virtual and real) to resources addressing Latina/o issues in the academic setting.

Addressing Latina/o issues at SALALM is not new (see Past Conferences). At the 26th meeting (New Orleans, 1981) “immigration” was one of the topics of discussion. A few years later, at the 30th annual conference (Princeton, 1985) a panel on “Specialized Library Collections and the Study of Latin American Masses and Minorities” included presentations on Latino collections in the United States. “Latino Music” was addressed at the 2003 meeting in Cartagena and “Borders” has been part of the theme in several conferences: Berkeley in 1988; Santo Domingo in 2006 and Albuquerque in 2007. During all these years many SALALM librarians have been entrusted with developing library collections and services to address Latina/o Studies as a growing academic discipline with intersecting interests in Latin American Studies, something addressed in a presentation at the 2004 (Cornell) conference: “Latin American and Latino Studies: Directions in Research and Challenges to Researchers and Librarians.”

ALZAR as an interest group originated through informal conversations from these same SALALM librarians and new members seeking a space within our organization to address Latina/o Studies as an academic field of research. The inaugural meeting was held at the 2007 annual conference with more than 50 members in attendance. The meeting not only formalized the group but also showed SALALM’s continued interest in Latina/o Studies with ALZAR’s first sponsored panel that included 4 presenters.

As a new interest group, ALZAR recognizes the interdisciplinary approach to research in Latina/o Studies and looks for ways to address the information needs of these users at the undergraduate and research levels. ALZAR members also seek opportunities for cooperating with like-organizations and work toward shared projects that explore the intersection of Latina/o and Latin American Studies as academic disciplines.

The creation of this web page is a first attempt to meet these converging interests.


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