Tuesday September 2nd 2014

Secretariat & Executive Board


The SALALM Secretariat is currently hosted by The Latin American Library at Tulane University and is located in the Howard Tilton Memorial Library. The Executive Director is Hortensia Calvo. Carol Avila is the Program Coordinator.

The Secretariat functions as the headquarters of the organization, and manages all activities related to membership, publications, coordination of the annual meetings, and committees.

Contact Information:

Program Coordinator: Carol Avila, salalm@tulane.edu
Executive Director: Hortensia Calvo, hcalvo@tulane.edu

SALALM Secretariat
Tulane University
The Latin American Library
422 Howard Tilton Memorial Library
7001 Freret Street
New Orleans, LA 70118-5549
Phone: 504-247-1366
Fax: 504-247-1367

Executive Board

Appointed Members:

Executive Director: Hortensia Calvo, Tulane University
Rapporteur General: Suzanne Schadl   &  Craig Schroer
Treasurer: Peter T. Johnson, Princeton University
Parliamentarian and Archivist: Jane Garner, University of Texas, Austin

Elected Members:

President: Luis A. González (Indiana University)
Vice President/President Elect: Paloma Celis-Carbajal (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Past President: Roberto Delgadillo (University of California-Davis)

2012-2015:  Daisy V. Domínguez (The City College, City University of New York) | (interim appointment, 2014-2015) Wendy Pedersen (University of New Mexico)
2013-2016: Melissa Gasparotto (Rutgers University) | Sócrates Silva (University of California at Santa Barbara
2014-2017: Teresa Chapa (University of North Carolina) | David Dressing (University of Notre Dame)