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Communications Committee


To coordinate the promotion and dissemination of information related to SALALM news, events, activities, members, and initiatives and to select the appropriate media for communicating this information.


1) At least four to five appointed members, including the following:
• SALALM Website Manager;
• SALALM Website Content Editor(s);
• LALA-L Moderator;
• SALALM Social Media Coordinator;

One of these members will serve as Chair of this committee and the Chair role will rotate among the appointed members for terms of two years, or at the pleasure of the Executive Board.

2) In addition, one active member of the Membership Committee will sit on the Communications Committee, serving as a liaison between the Communications Committee and Membership Committee. The Chair of the Membership Committee, in consultation with the Chair of the Communications Committee, shall appoint a liaison.
3) Other members of SALALM who will advise and contribute to the Committee’s work.


1. WebSite Manager: Maintains the SALALM website, identifying and soliciting appropriate news and announcements for publishing to the site. Maintains sections related to the organization’s history, structure and functions along with bookseller /book trade information and other relevant resources as appropriate.

2. Website Content Editor: In collaboration with the Executive Secretary, Executive Board, membership, and other Communications Committee members, solicits and identifies content appropriate for presentation on the SALALM website including periodic columns from the SALALM Executive Secretary and President, features, and other in-depth articles of professional interest.

3. LALA-L Moderator: Maintains and moderates the members only LALA-L listserv; with the advice and consent of the Executive Board coordinates policies relating to the listserv and its relationship to other communications activities.

4. Social Media Coordinator: Monitors and evaluates social media tools, identifying appropriate media for disseminating information about SALALM. With the advice and consent of the Executive Board, coordinates policies relating to the use
of social media for SALALM communications and outreach.

Communications Committee Contact Information:

Website Content Editor: Betsaida M. Reyes, The University of Kansas,

Webmaster (Chair): Melissa Gasparotto, Rutgers University,

Social Media Coordinator: Vacant

Membership Committee Liaison: David Woken, University of Oregon,

LALA-L Moderator: Gayle Williams, Florida International University,

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