Now in its third year of operation, the Subcommittee is charged with the responsibility to promote the SALALM Scholarship and select its awardees. This year eight individuals from six different universities applied fall semester, and for the spring semester, eleven individuals from nine different universities applied. In the fall Teresa Polk (University of Maryland, College Park) and Nelson Santana (Drexel University) received the Scholarship, and the President approved their participation in the SALALM 59 program with the SALALM Scholarship Awardee Travel Grant. For the spring semester the Scholarship awardees are Emily Bulger and Kathryn Darnall, both of The University of Texas at Austin.

For the FY 2012/13 donations from membership amounted to $410. The Executive Board approved $5000 for scholarships and $2000 for the travel grant. The Subcommittee is requesting that the unspent funds from the Scholarship ($1000) be carried forward to FY 2014 – 2015.

The Subcommittee will continue to follow the careers of awardees through interviews that will be posted on the SALALM website.

We believe that the availability of the Scholarship has significantly increased the awareness of SALALM among graduate students and faculty in archival, information and library science programs in the US and Canada.

Throughout the last three years the Subcommittee presented ideas for promoting the Scholarship, focused intensely on evaluative measures, developed operating protocols, and prepared a detailed calendar of duties. We are especially indebted to Alison Hicks and Jesús Alonso-Regalado for working through many drafts of these documents and creating the Web access points with appropriate security measures. The overall process is one of efficiency and clarity with ease of access to all documentation the Subcommittee requires in the course of each semester’s competition.

This year’s Subcommittee members are: Jesús Alonso-Regalado, Alison Hicks, Peter T. Johnson, Katherine McCann, Nathalie Soini, Gayle Williams and Mary Jo Zeter. It is the final year of service for Alonso-Regalado, Johnson and Williams. Their replacements are: Jill Baron, Tim Thompson and Adrian Johnson for a three-year term.

Report submitted by Peter T. Johnson, Chair
27 March 2014


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