Tuesday August 22nd 2017




The Latin American & Iberian Studies Librarianship Bibliography is now available

Here is the outcome of the research-a-thon during the LXII annual SALALM Conference. Latin American & Iberian Studies Librarianship: from collection development and cataloging to scholarly communication, reference, archives, instruction, and digital scholarship.

During the research-a-thon, we added nearly 100 resources to the bibliography! This collective effort is mainly developed and maintained by members of the Seminar on the Acquisition of Latin American Library Materials (SALALM).

If you are just interested in having a look at it and download/reuse some of our bibliography items into your own personal bibliographies, you can just access it here.

Also, feel free to share this link with non-SALALM members that might be interested in this topic.

If you would like to participate in this initiative and add content, you can join here as well. The guidelines for this project are included in this page.

Hope you find it useful!
Jesus Alonso-Regalado

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